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Improved ION IGP w/better VDPAU support?

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    This one is sorted here

    Can someone help me out with these remaining questions too?
    The top GPU in the low-end (40nm/dx10.1) GT 2xx series is the GT 240 right? [aka GT215]

    Does anyone know where all the exact differences are documented?
    Had a look around but couldn't find anything decent...

    Does it draw much more & run hotter than the 220 as a result, or only when gaming?


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      These are the nicest g45 mobos (in the order they appear) I've come across after scouring for reviews.
      And of the p45 this seems to be the most high profile...

      Would prefer g45-based I think....
      They'd perform very similarly at base settings & g45-based still offers a nice featureset and decent OC'bility (if I want it)...
      Plus it has the advantage of a back-up GPU!

      Just need to decide on CPU & RAM...
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        When you want to think about it > 1 month then clarkdale (most likely called i3) will be another choice.


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          Clarkdale systems will carry a premium for at least their 1st 6mth...
          Socket 775 'Core-based' systems will become even better value during that time.

          I wish I could hold-off for >1mth....
          I imagine G45 mobo's & Core2Duo desktop CPU's will have some significant price drops in the 1H of 2010.

          Any thoughts on posts: #39, #40, & #42?

          All the best.
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            I think G45 will not drop that fast as it a premium replacement chipset for s775 systems - and not really needed for low cost. But next year there will be definitely the end of s775 boards as soon as there are cheaper s1156 boards - maybe to the end of the year.


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              yeah but it'll still be cheaper than equivalent segment nehamalen-based systems.
              Any thoughts on posts: #39, #40, & #42?


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                Basically G41 would be enough. Ok, your hd would not work with AHCI, but that not that critical. Put in a G210 and enjoy vdpau. I don't think it is worth now to invest much in a s775 system - if you need something for gaming i5 is the way to go together with gt300 when it is out or much cheaper: a gaming console.


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                  There's very little difference in price here in oz for g41 mobo versus g45...
                  G210 is just too anaemic for games & even loses a few features for video as I recall compared to gt220 (might be mistaken)

                  Could you please post your thoughts on #39, #40, & #42 & if time this?

                  Much appreciated
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                    The TDP does not really matter 90% or more of the time as EIST will lower the power usage. I just would use one of the cheap dual cores with vt support (if you want to use virtualisation some time for something it would certainly not hurt). You don't have to search much, the G41/G43/G45 are the current s775 desktop chips, all others are mobile.


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                      Do you reckon it's worthwhile searching a little more for GM45 or PM45 motherboards?
                      See post #39, I found a GM45 mobo which is prolly good enough!!
                      Or are there better reasons to stick with G45 or P45 mobos in your opinion?

                      Do you still think it's better to get a mobo w/IGP considering I'm adding a discrete card, or is it a waste of money?
                      Of the G45/P45 finalist mobo's I listed, which do you prefer?

                      Interesting, the lowest mobile c2d I could find has VT-x, the lowest desktop c2d doesn't.
                      Do you know of any core2duo's that are particularly good at undervolting?
                      This user seems to have had luck with an e5200.
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