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More AMD Radeon 5770 Linux Benchmarks

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  • More AMD Radeon 5770 Linux Benchmarks

    Phoronix: More AMD Radeon 5770 Linux Benchmarks

    Earlier this week AMD launched the Radeon HD 5700 series GPUs using their Juniper GPUs as part of the Evergreen family. We published Linux benchmarks of the Radeon HD 5750/5770 on Tuesday with our thoughts on these new mid-range graphics cards, but today there are a few more Ubuntu results to add in for these ATI graphics cards.

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    Am I the only info-nut who thinks charts like this are cool? :-)

    I'd be happier if you plotted these on an X-Y plot, with the x-axis being "number of pixels" and the Y-axis being FPS so we can get a sense of how the pixel fill rate is panning out. Maybe make it log-log rather than lin-lin.


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      It would be really nice to have charts that also include the more recent nVidia cards for comparison. :\


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        Interesting cards! So how about OpenCL or GPGPU numbers.

        I realized AMD isn't going after the GPU acceleration market like Nvidia is but how about some numbers anyways. At this point in the evolution of the computer it would seem that testing the General Purpose computing performance of a GPU should be part of every test suite.

        I realize there is lots of variability here, but seeing how a company progresses from generation to generation would be nice.



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          In the article it states that you're using fglrx ver 8.67. Are these drivers generally available? The latest supplied with ubuntu 9.10 seems to be ver 8.66.

          I'd love to get newer drivers if only to stop the "unsupported hardware" overlay with my HD5750.



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            It doesn't look like the driver is optimized for 5XXX at all. I mean, the hardware is far superior but the charts seem to be telling a different story. We'll see what happens in the future....


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              BlueKoala, I don't understand your comment. The charts are comparing this generation's midrange product (HD57xx) with last generation's high-end product (HD4870) and the results are surprisingly close.

              If you want to compare high end products a better comparison would be 4870 / 4890 vs 5850 or 5870.
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                My appologies; I should have been paying closer attention to the cards presented.
                I was under the impression that it was the 5800's rather than the 5700 series.

                In this case they are doing quite well I must say


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                  And they are doing that well with less power consumption