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AMD Releases OpenCL ATI GPU Support For Linux

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    I don't think so. IIRC the HD4200 picks up display and UVD improvements from the HD4xxx family but the 3D engine is from the HD3xxx generation.


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      Originally posted by RealNC View Post
      Reading the released specs of NVidia's G300, there is "native support for execution of C++ on GPU." That means running "real C++ applications" on the GPU.

      Does ATI allow that too now with OpenCL or is this something entirely different?
      Yes, it's something different entirely. Something called vapourware.


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        I can't make sense of that video. NVidia announced C++ support. You claim this won't happen? Sounds a bit strange to me, so I suppose this video is by people who spread too much FUD or something.


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          It will happen, but it might happen a little or a lot late. Basically, yes, nvidia designed the cards, and yes, they will run C++; what they're alleging is that they're having a ton of trouble trying to actually produce them, and are trying to cover that up and failing at it.


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            Originally posted by BlackStar View Post

            Yes, it's something different entirely. Something called vapourware.
            Nvidia fakes Fermi boards at GPU Technology Conference

            I looked at the presentation from NV's website, and I really question the "proof" that Fermi exists. It looks very much like a pre rendered animation they are playing, where they have dropped some of the frames in "the slow one".

            Update 3 in the article backs up the theory, that those just were pre rendered and mock ups as well


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              Back to the original question, the C++ support NVidia is claiming is like a C++ version of CUDA. It really doesn't have anything to do with OpenCL support.

              And given that they had to make hardware changes in their upcoming hardware to do it, and the fact that AMD hasn't announced something similar in response, plus the fact that NVidia seems to be focusing more on those types of features than AMD is makes me assume that it's not in the R800 cards.

              To be honest, I'm not entirely sure that's a very big deal. It seems to me like the vast majority of code you'd want to run on a GPU would be easily written in C anyway, although I'm sure that eventually it will become a wanted feature. AMD will probably add support for it about that time, maybe in a generation or 2.


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                Does this depend on the FGLRX driver and a specific version of that in that case?


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                  Originally posted by bridgman View Post
                  The OpenCL code only supports HD4xxx and higher GPUs. The IGP parts all use cores from earlier generations.

                  I believe the issue is the on-chip LDS/GDS memory blocks which allow data sharing between GPU threads. Those blocks first appeared in the HD4xxx family.
                  HD2900 and HD3870 are not supported ? ? ? ?

                  i think i should sell my hd3850 very fast...


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                    Originally posted by sandain View Post
                    So does that mean that there will be no forthcoming support for the HD2xxx and HD3xxx families? If so, that makes me want to cry...
                    the only REAL HD2xxx cart is the 2900 but yes no support for the HD3870 is realy---->want to cry

                    i have a 3850... i realy realy should sell this cart on ebay very fast..


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                      why? Do you suddenly need openCL to live? I'd expect another year to pass before openCL is used by widespread software. If your card can do what you need right now, keep it.