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Cheapest Dual DVI linux solution fanless

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  • Cheapest Dual DVI linux solution fanless


    I'd like the cheapest linux running (i'll count ati ;-) ) graphics card that is fanless and supports two dual dvi dual link monitors. I dont mind if its DVI and HDMI though.

    ALso i'd like it to be available to the uk, I have looked in quite a few places and have trouble finding one.


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    MSI NVidia 9400GT. Fanless DVI + VGA + HDMI

    ?31.88 / ?44.60 from Dunno what the difference between the two are.

    Also don't know if the dual head bit would have to use the VGA, i.e. it's DVI + VGA or HDMI + VGA or whether you can use the DVI + HDMI. I think that was the one I bought for my media centre, but I'm not opening up my case to find out. I'm single heading it at 1920x1080.

    BBC iplayer choppy at fullscreen though, but mythtv and VLC work fine.

    Close enough to your needs?


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      From what I have seen, the ones mentioning VGA output usually mean that there is a VGA port and a DVI port (with a DVI > HDMI converter).

      The only silent dual DVI card I could find when I went looking a few months back was the "Asus 9600GT Silent". Whack that into Google and you'll get a few options.

      Personally, I have had major issues with Lambda-Tek (charging my card, failing to deliver and then trying to increase the price of an item and having to quote the sale of goods act to get my money back).


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        This particular card has 3 real outputs, VGA DVI and HDMI.

        Sorry about your experience with Lambda-Tek - I've not had any problems with them at all, I've just bought 3 hard disks from them with next day delivery no problems.


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          How about this:

          Available here:

          ** only ?26.95