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    Originally posted by glussier View Post
    If someone is shopping for a graphic card and wants some features, he/she is better to buy a card that supports the required feature now instead of another card that will or might support-it sometime in the future.

    One thing is sure for now, if you need uptimum performance, on par with what is available under windows, AMD is not the company to buy from.
    Unfortunately, so. The silicon's never been sub-par. It's been pretty close to NVidia's in ability since the R100's rollout- which is why they've held the position in the industry that they have right now.

    Unfortunately, the drivers they have hamstring this performance. I really, really wish that AMD is paying attention to the sad story playing out for them here. It's a story that doesn't need to be playing out for them. It's certainly not for NVidia and Intel- and in this new game that's about to begin in the industry, you either need to be performant, open source, or preferably, BOTH when it comes to driver support for hardware.