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DisplayLink Linux Driver Continues To Mature

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  • DisplayLink Linux Driver Continues To Mature

    Phoronix: DisplayLink Linux Driver Continues To Mature

    It was just one week ago that there was an update released to the DisplayLink X.Org driver and its kernel frame-buffer module, but there is now yet another update available. This time around the xf86-video-displaylink driver is at version 0.3 and it adds preliminary support for RandR and eliminates its ShadowFB support...

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    nVidia, learn a lesson from DisplayLink


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      I just bought two mini monitors just to play with this.

      I've been waiting for DL under linux for years (I didn't know someone had reverse engineered a lot of it already)


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        In turn the Intel X.Org driver can then use the Intel IGP to draw the screen contents in an accelerated fashion before handing it over to the monitor attached via the DisplayLink USB device.
        This is exciting. One of the reasons I haven't bought a new laptop is that most still ship with VGA ports, and I have a nice DVI KVM already. This would be a nice way to side-step the issue.


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          This article says "DisplayLink became Linux friendly"
          I would just like to point out that Displaylink are not as Linux friendly as they seem.
          4 years later we still don't have decent, working Displaylink drivers for many Displaylink adapters.