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  • Graphic card purchase recomendation

    Hello Phoronix community,

    I have just saw an offer on a shop to buy an amd 6700 10 gb gddr6 (non xt) for 399 €. I have and old pc that I want to mantain a little longer (ryzen 7 1800x + 32 gb ram + radeon 290) but I was thinking to upgrade with this card. Do you think it's a good card for (1440 gaming)? Maybe between an 3060 - 3070 from nvidia? (I don't want a nvidia, it's only for comparison).
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    From what I have seen, the plain 6700 is like a faster 6600XT but not really in the same tier as the 6700XT. I would buy a 6700 over a 6600XT personally. Depends on how you like to run your games (and what kind of games), but at 1080p high setting that card should be fine. 1440p I would consider medium to high settings. Forget about high fps gaming tho.

    Personally I would wait a few months for the next gen to be released and prices to adjust. Unless that old PC needs a new GPU badly.


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      Ok, it's a good advise. I don't need a new GPU that badly, right now I can play what I play without any problem. I can wait a few months until the new radeon series comes out and see if the prices of the old ones adjusts a little more. Thanks!