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New Ubuntu 9.04 (Intrepid) problems with HD2x00 series cards

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  • New Ubuntu 9.04 (Intrepid) problems with HD2x00 series cards

    After updating (reloading completely - and changing to EXT4 - teh new Ubuntu GNU/Linux 9,04, my backup system with the ATI card no longer works. I have tried a number of things as well as the AMD/ATI driver from their site, follolwing these instructions here to ensure that ther is no "residual kibble":

    What I am getting as a fault is no panels, and apparently the screen size is larger than the monitor - BUT - rearranging the icons keeps tehm to the screen size displayed. strange.

    It is a Radeon HD2600XT AGP card, on a HDTV using HDMI, at 1360 x 768 with 512Meg VRAM.

    Here's a few more users with similar problems on the Ubuntu official forums:

    Um, help!

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    I decided to wipe the install and try over. I did have to use the "Safe Graphics Mode" on the Live CD to get any display, but after doing that I installed a new (formatted and all) Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. (I get those names confused - sorry...)

    I ignored the note about the "Restricted Driver Available" and immediately copied the ATI/AMD Catalyst 9.4 to my new "DOWNLOAD" directory and ran it.

    I don't know if it's all working yey, but I did get a good display and saw GLXGEARS running at over 1000 FPS, there may have been was mung or kipple somewhere in debugging this previously but I did finally get my 16:9 display at 60Hz.


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      The open source radeon drivers will give you all of what you described just fine. (glxgears in the 1000s, correct resolution, etc)

      And quite soon you should start seeing some very nice graphics upgrades as Gallium3D starts to finalize. By the end of the year I wouldn't be surprised if DRI2, KMS, and OpenGL 3 all worked together, and even faster than the current stack.