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AMD Radeon RX 6500 XT Linux Performance

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    Originally posted by artivision View Post
    If Amd don't repay us with Rdna3 price/performance numbers this year then they are over.
    In what way will they be over?

    Nah, you'll buy any slop you can get, just like everybody else.

    Originally posted by smitty3268 View Post

    GPU silicon for this card is cheap, but memory prices are not and neither is shipping anything anywhere right now.

    I've seen the estimates at:
    $18 for silicon
    $50 for the board
    $48 for memory
    $15 for cooler
    $30 for shipping

    That's $160 with no markup at all, and typically AMD/NVidia have pretty hefty markups on top of that for profit. Right now their partners are the ones taking massive profit though.

    As opposed to a 4GB 5500XT at launch:
    $28 for silicon
    $40 for the board
    $28 for memory
    $10 for cooler
    $5 for shipping

    That's $110, for a card that was largely faster.
    Here's where you got that from:

    Yeah, TSMC's wafer price increases make for scary headlines, but the VRAM price increases and crazy 5-6x shipping costs are the real killer.
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      That YT channel crap cannon always pretends to know stuff he can't know (e.g. prices in contracts between companies). Really just another lost narcissist putting his face on cam on the internet. Probably safe to just assume the opposite to be true for everything he says.


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        Originally posted by aufkrawall View Post
        That YT channel crap cannon always pretends to know stuff he can't know (e.g. prices in contracts between companies).
        It's obviously guessing, but it's not that impossible to figure out the prices of things. Shipping prices from China to the US aren't private, for example. And that stuff is bought on the open market, gpu companies don't have private ships they run. I have no doubt those numbers are all of by 25%, but if some are high and some low it probably averages out, and the overall trends should be reasonable if both old and new cards are estimated the same way. Feel free to argue any individual number is wrong, if you believe so.


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          Originally posted by Solid State Brain View Post

          With Proton especially one needs to pay attention not to approach the GPU memory limit, otherwise compared to native gaming on Windows performance can be severely affected, since apparently video memory management is not as effective. This will likely be even more noticeable with the 6500XT due to its limited PCIe bandwidth.

          Occupied GPU memory also includes that from background GUI applications, so it often helps to close them down to keep gaming performance at acceptable levels. Reviews typically do not test this (i.e. they test games in a reasonably minimal environment), while in real-world usage people generally leave at least some applications running in the background.
          From my experience, what you describe is true for nvidia drivers.
          Amd performs MUCH better in this regard.

          Back in the day i used nvidia, i also ran it via prime render offload, to avoid filling gpu ram for desktop apps.


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            Originally posted by birdie View Post

            This is a 100mm chip, sir and normally it's the most expensive part along with GDDR RAM. It shouldn't cost AMD more than $35 at most. This card MSRP is just insane and if I were to buy a new gaming rig now I'd just avoid buying any GPUs. They are all ridiculously overpriced.
            What 100mm chip are you speaking of?
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              Originally posted by Michael View Post

              There are more demanding games and settings available but then it's like unplayable 20 FPS comparison for the low-end cards.
              That sort of information is exactly what I want to see from reviews. What the card CAN'T do is just as important as what it can.

              Originally posted by JPFSanders View Post
              Why 4GiB? Why!? With 8GiB this would have had some worth.
              It's 4GB to make it useless for miners.


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                Originally posted by gentoofu View Post

                What 100mm chip are you speaking of?
                RX 6500 XT is based on the Navi 24 die, which is a miniscule 107mm2 on TSMC 6nm.


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                  Originally posted by coder View Post
                  Bans are hard to enforce, and really only deal with large-scale mining operations. A better option is to provide a progressive rate scale for electricity that makes it very expensive to use more than the typical household.
                  Progressive energy cost would kill your industry.
                  Bans are not hard to enforce, big marijuana plants are already beeing discoverd through energy monitoring. No one cares if someon has 10 cards in his home rig, but the operations getting them in 10000 pieces and more are what keeps the prices up.

                  Originally posted by coder View Post
                  These are made on TSMC's 6 nm process node, and another point of consideration is that they use the latest, fastest GDDR6 speed.

                  Plus, even if AMD made more RX 550 dies, the wafers would be more expensive due to the massive supply/demand imbalance. You have to accept that AMD's costs have gone up, not just their margins.
                  So your saying 6nm and supply problems have trippled the prices for AMD? Anything you know that you can link here to support this claim? I guess 30% or even 50% cost increase sound much more beliveable.


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                    ...crazy times

                    2018 Crazy Prices / Great Performance
                    2020+ Crazy Prices / Crappy Performance ...


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                      What on Earth were AMD thinking ?

                      I pity anyone who buys this card.