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AMD Radeon RX 6600 Linux Performance

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    yeap nice MSRP. unfortunately the price here is 700$.
    nice performance for the power consumption.
    i know some compare it to 1660 Ti but it seems that 6600 has quite a lot o higher fps for 1080p.
    but of course 6600 xt looks a lot better.

    well any card is out of my reach. but....i can still dream about it


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      Michael, I pinged the wrong Phoronix account at the 6600 XT review so re-posting my question.

      I highly appreciate that you're adding power consumption and performance-per-watt measurements in addition to plain FPS. Would it be possible to also measure idle desktop power draw and possibly even power draw when watching YouTube videos? Most time is spent not gaming (here at least), hence this metric matters for power consumption over time.


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        Amd sold 10 million 7nm Apus to Sony and crashed the Pc Gpu market. Then they accused Covid, miners and scalpers. 9/10 of the sold Gpus are Nvidia. People you should remember what happened here once a third or even a fourth Gpu vendor comes out.


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          Here the 6600 sold for more than the 6600XT did.
          AMD has great perf per watt to bad prices and availability is bad


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            Insultingly bad value.

            I'll hold on to my Sapphire Nitro+ RX580 SE bought used in 2018 for 190€ for dear life. This is not the time to throw money out of the window for a lazily cobbled together piece of s**t.
            The bar is so low in the GPU market now that all manufacturer have to do to sell cards, is to make them (and they're still failing at it).


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              Originally posted by M@GOid View Post
              I find it so dumb that some people sticks to the MSRP as a main point of critique for this card. Are you living under a rock? Didn't you noticed that for a year and a half now, ALL CARDS sell for double or triple their MSRP?

              Newsflash: this thing will have the greatest price/performance of 2021. Is the world we live now, you like it or not.
              Michael knows it as well as everyone else here. You're stating the obvious. Most people will never see this card in the wild anyway.

              You couldn't pay me to take a Gigabyte anything though. I wouldn't even review one if I were in that business. Even if this board beat Nvidia hands down, and was the best in class such that it beat the XT on price/performance. Every single product I've had from Gigabyte has died from capacitor failure, even after they supposedly redesigned and quit using those fluid based caps. Every. Single. Damned. Item. The longest one lasted 18 months from purchase. That includes 2 motherboards, two GPUs. One MB was from before the change in caps, the second was giving them a second chance after their supposed power system redesigns. Never again. Actually it was a total of 3 GPUs, but the 3rd wasn't a Gigabyte GPU, it was just trashed by the 2nd motherboard cooking off.


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                Originally posted by Espionage724
                Why would I buy this over a RTX 3060 for the same MSRP?
                True open source drivers maybe? Sometimes Linux Nvidia drivers can really bite you.


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                  But what about ray-tracing performance?


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                    Originally posted by direc85 View Post
                    But what about ray-tracing performance?
                    Michael did some testing recently which included the 6600XT, but of course this was before the 6600 was released:

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                    Given the differences between 6600XT and 6600 there would probably be a similar scaling factor for RT benchmarks.
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                      Originally posted by artivision View Post
                      Amd sold 10 million 7nm Apus to Sony and crashed the Pc Gpu market. Then they accused Covid, miners and scalpers. 9/10 of the sold Gpus are Nvidia. People you should remember what happened here once a third or even a fourth Gpu vendor comes out.
                      I'm not sure about the way people measure market share for GPUs. It is true that consoles do not use discrete graphics, but does that matter? They are effectively PCs these days and they are used for gaming. If we add in all the consoles from the last two generations, of which Playstation and X-Box were all AMD, how does AMD's market share look vs. Nvidia's then?

                      Of course, the various graphs make it clear that Intel integrated graphics rule the roost in an absolute sense, but it depends what you are measuring. If you disallow Intel desktop integrated graphics and AMD desktop/laptop APUs as gaming items, but include consoles, I believe AMD's position isn't as bad as the discrete card market share makes it look. That won't put an RX 6600 on your desk or mine for a reasonable price today, which is a legitimate problem, but as much as it annoys me, I can't say that AMD isn't serving the gaming market. They just aren't serving me (or you).

                      On this card in particular, the choice of PCIe x8 wiring and short memory bus are disappointing. Infinity cache has turned out to be a great feature, but it obviously cannot make up for halving bus width... in either case. I had previously hoped that an RX 6500 would appear to serve the low end, but if it actually does have a 64-bit bus, then it will throttle itself even at 1080 and be a real piece of crap. I hope AMD doesn't deliberately hobble its own cards with RDNA3.