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Arm Mali "Valhall" Reverse-Engineering Started

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    Originally posted by SteamPunker View Post

    I'm sorry to read that, man. I hope you've found a better and more appreciative employer by now. It would certainly seem like your expertise would be in high demand in this industry right now. Anyway, thanks for your efforts to push for open source drivers!
    I was forced to become self-employed, as between modesetting, freeing ATI, free ARM GPUs, and the insanity of fd.o politics, i am pretty much blackballed everywhere. I get hired for my expertise, for great money, but i invariably end up fixing build systems and teaching "embedded" people how to use git, while i get to see less technically capable people have a thriving career based on what i have trailblazed. And then i get to work with their sometimes very shortsighted and clunky code, reminding me of what could have been.

    So no, as that is not how this game works.
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      Well, nevertheless, I appreciate your work and contributions. Don't let cynicism get the best of you!


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        Give or take, the oh-so-beautiful-future ARM world is purely proprietary now.
        With everything that comes along.