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Strong CPU with igp or medium CPU with discrete graphic card ?

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  • Strong CPU with igp or medium CPU with discrete graphic card ?

    I hope this is the right place to post this question.
    I am on the market for a new computer for 2021. My main computer is using an i7 6700 with the IGP.

    I wonder if, for almost the same budget, I should go to a Ryzen 7 4750G or an i5 10400 + Radeon RX 5500XT. (If the drivers are opensource that's a big + for me)

    I use Linux since 1996 (Debian stable). I don't play any 3D games.
    The only use I would have for a GPU is the OpenCL acceleration, in Darktable in particular (and also Gimp, Imagemagick or any media software)

    Any thoughts are welcome.

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    To be honest, I would be guided not by people's opinion, but by numbers, in particular, how much discrete graphics will speed up work in specialized software. About a year ago we discussed this topic on 5700xt - it worked with big problems with OpenCL drivers. Maybe, situation is better now.


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      Thank you for this answer. Discrete graphics and OpenCL is not something I am familiar with, so I need advice from people used to this to balance the pros and the cons.

      What I know is that it's worth in terms of speedup in software that use OpenCL. But I am not using these software all day long...

      What I don't measure exactly are the disadvantages of a discrete gpu (I know what they are, but not to what amount)
      1- More heat, so how much more noise ? Silence is very important for me.
      2- Might cause drivers problems (I would like to keep using stable debian). How often does drivers problem occur ?
      3- Will I get OpenCL working with Ryzen 7 4750g apu. Hard to know since this chip is pretty rare.