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AMD Radeon RX 6800 vs. NVIDIA RTX 30 Linux Performance Heating Up

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    What times to be alive. Several years ago we we looking at nvidia blob, with envy, wondering how nv is so much faster than radeon in OGL.
    Now look at us! No wonder AMD internally is investigating if they can use Mesa on windos.
    Well, ... it is pity we can't buy anything.


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      Originally posted by Siuoq View Post
      You mean this?
      Worse min, worse max, same avg.
      Also I think it's CPU bounded, considered how well the 3060 Ti runs it, compared to the 3080.
      Point taken; but come on. Just a chuckle is all I ask.


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        Originally posted by Dr. Righteous View Post
        On the 5th test for F1 2017; how did team GREEN win over team RED with LESS min and max FPS ? I demand a RECOUNT!!!
        It's in the algorithm that a Nvida card goes first if same average Despite the fact that the letter A is at the beginning of the alphabet

        *Before any one get in a hissy it was meant in jest*


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          Originally posted by Drago View Post
          Now look at us! No wonder AMD internally is investigating if they can use Mesa on windos.
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            it is really like a event from another dimension AMD really did it AMD won all benchmarks against a Nvidia 3080.
            in germany a 6900XT is at 1399€ and a 3090 is at 1999€ means you save 600€ on a AMD card.

            on there is no result for a 3080
            but a 3070 is at 829€ and a 6800 is at 949€

            in my point of view a linux customer need to be stupid to buy Nvidia.

            yes they claim OptiX for blender and Cuda... but soon we will find out Vulkan Compute is all we need
            and AMD has a raytracing renderer for Blender it is just a pluck in and not a backend.

            computer industry revolution is happening.

            i bought a HD3850 in 2007 for the AMD opensource driver but yes i admit we had to wait to 2020 that is really become a better option than closed source nvidia.

            but yes... now i am sure Nvidia will go down in computer history
            just imagine a 6900XT shrinked to 5nm TCSM and instead of only 128mb infinity cache a 256bit infinity cache.

            or even a HBM3 version. right now it is 100% sure Nvidia is doomed.
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              Originally posted by darkbasic View Post



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                AMD, take no prisoners. You just destroyed this ugly blob. Congratulation Open Source developers!


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                  Hey as an Nvidia teamster, I will give AMD kudos on this one! If you are strictly looking at gaming, the AMD 6K series is very impressive (sans Ray Tracing). No point in comparing them to Nvidia on availability as getting any one of these cards these days is brutal.

                  It is nice to see some competition from team red finally! Hopefully they can get their act together for the ray tracing in the next gen (7k series?) as its rapidly looking like RT is going to be the "new hw T&L".


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                    Originally posted by Volta View Post
                    AMD, take no prisoners. You just destroyed this ugly blob. Congratulation Open Source developers!
                    What would REALLY be nice for all of us is if AMD success in open source causes nVidia to open up more. nVidia is a private company and can do as it sees fit, but it does have stock holders and needs to be profitable. AMD right now cannot meet the hardware demand, but if it does and gaming results continue their improvement and ROCm or some other compute (preferably open source) that works on AMD begins to compete with CUDA then it might be a whole new game - with all of us being the winners. Competition is a wonderful thing and we as consumers benefit the most.

                    I do not see anything like this happening overnight, and AMD has stumbled before, but it is good to see AMD's fighting spirit in challenging two behemoths at once - Intel on the x86-64 side and nVidia on the GPU side. Competition is good and is - like linux - all about choice and we as consumers are the ultimate winners.
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                      Originally posted by hiryu View Post
                      I haven't bought an AMD GPU in ages... Any recommendations on the brand? I don't buy MSI anything as a general rule, but otherwise I'm probably open-minded to most others.

                      Too bad no 6900 xt Vs 3090 results here... Definitely curious to know what shape the drivers are in there for the 6900 xt under Linux.

                      Michael, hopefully you will eventually get your hands on a 6900 xt! Would have been nice to also see 3090 results here as the results suggest the 6800 xt under Linux wouldn't have it far behind in most cases.

                      I'm definitely not getting less than a 6800 xt.
                      Hmm... I think Sapphire is the best brand for AMD, their Nitro cards are really Good.