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The Most Innovative ~$50 Graphics Card For Linux Users

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    Why would anyone want a trash Nvidia GPU... well for anything, you'd probably be better served by a DisplayLink USB adapter for crying out loud.


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      Originally posted by timofonic View Post

      APUs depend on motherboard outputs, those tend to be only one (HDMI) port. This is my case in my X570 motherboard, infortunately.

      I suffer it. I have two TVs plus two monitors. I want to use TVs as HTPC-like setup and extra monitor as extra seat, everything in a multiuser way.

      I tried to use Miracast on TVs, no way to make it working. It sucks.

      This card seems interesting in concept, but I would prefer something similar using a new AMD GPU. Video decoding for 4K and some gaming would be very nice to enjoy in family and friends
      just speculating don't know if it works but I will mention it anyway: ...maybe using such card and an APU. Play around with Prime / reverse Prime to tunnel it out?


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        Originally posted by torsionbar28 View Post
        Yawn, Matrox has been selling PCIe 1x graphics cards with multiple outputs for years now. Going all the way back to the 1990's, Matrox has always been a major player in the multi-output "display wall" GPU market. They have cards with up to 8 mini-dp outputs on them today.

        Another option is a second hand workstation card. A used FirePro / Radeon Pro card with four outputs is very inexpensive on sites like e bay.
        yes Matrox I have once owend one in the mid 90ies......but isn't Matrox also part of the Nvidia empire today?


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          Originally posted by timrburnham View Post
          Bookmarking in case I need a GPU for SiFive's upcoming RISC-V PC. I haven't seen whether it's shipping with graphics output or nah.
          It'd be interesting to know whether the card works on a non-bios/UEFI machine. 4 HDMI outputs for a 1 lane PCIe could fit quite a few SBCs. But if the card is designed
          with proprietary code for x86 in the card ROM that must be called by BIOS/UEFI, then it may not work with ARM64 or RISC-V or Power9. But nouveau might work around it.
          I don't know.

          Anyway, thanks nouveau.


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            Even if it wasn't nvidia (I certainly don't want to support *them*!), manual reclocking is a no go for a server or pretty much any productive system in my eyes.

            Unfortunately AMD does not seem to have any low-power alternative that is not antique currently. :-(

            For my Ryzen server I went with an AST2500 BMC in the dnd that has crappy analog VGA only :-(


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              Originally posted by t.s. View Post

              IMO, you'll better served with 25watt gt1030.
              Thanks! I will look into it. GT 710 has been given to me for free, and it replaced Radeon card, for which I paid for at the time. Now I resold that AMD card. I might just sell GT 710 and but the one you suggested.


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                Under those demanding workloads, the ASUS GT710-4H-SL-2GD5 had an average temperature around 74 degrees.
                This card actually requires active cooling or a beefier cooler.


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                  Maybe stupid question, but maybe someone has the answer to it: As Freesync support on AMD is not there yet for multiple monitors - would it maybe be possible to use this card with nouveau for the second monitor and have the first monitor be run by my 5700xt with Freesync?


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                    Originally posted by lucrus View Post
                    I'm pretty sure I still have my Tseng Labs ET4000 somewhere...
                    Bah. S3 Vision 968 please.


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                      Originally posted by CochainComplex View Post
                      yes Matrox I have once owend one in the mid 90ies......but isn't Matrox also part of the Nvidia empire today?
                      You must be thinking of another company. Matrox is independently owned (Canadian) and not affiliated with NVDA.