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The Most Innovative ~$50 Graphics Card For Linux Users

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    Good to have a cheap and silent alternative to the Yeston 4GB RX550 in the low power and profile segment.


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      Very nice, and I could have an immediate use for it (driving signage screens) if it wasn't Nvidia-based: I tend to agree with @kpedersen - OSS-friends don't let OSS-friends use Nvidia.


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        Originally posted by Danny3 View Post
        Somebody, please make something like this, but from a RDNA 2 core!
        I want a silent low power HTPC that can power the new [email protected] Hz TVs and do hardware decoding for HEVC / AV1 10/12bit.
        I'm tired of this gaming shit only GPUs everywhere!
        Some of the people just don't game, but would enjoy very well watching Youtube videos and movies.
        You could probably use any pci 16x card you want in a 1x slot, all you would need is a $8 dollar bitcoin adapter.

        You can see one working here if you like.

        More info:


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          This adapter is targeted at the digital signage market. It can also be used in auditoriums for schools, business and houses of worship, where DirectX/OpenGL is required for ProPresenter. Typically signage and auditorium use don't need bleeding edge 3D abilities, just no artifacts since it will be enlarged.

          While signage can be driven by something like a RaspPi now days, there is still a cadre of media system designers who prefer more horsepower in the graphics.


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            Originally posted by timofonic View Post

            APUs depend on motherboard outputs, those tend to be only one (HDMI) port. This is my case in my X570 motherboard, infortunately.

            I suffer it. I have two TVs plus two monitors. I want to use TVs as HTPC-like setup and extra monitor as extra seat, everything in a multiuser way.

            I tried to use Miracast on TVs, no way to make it working. It sucks.

            This card seems interesting in concept, but I would prefer something similar using a new AMD GPU. Video decoding for 4K and some gaming would be very nice to enjoy in family and friends
            I can only speak to a very small handful of AMD cards, but 16x cards light a monitor while in a 1x slot using an adapter such as this:


            I'm not saying you should. I'm just saying you could. And when I tried this, yes, it was testing for multiseat.


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              Originally posted by c117152 View Post
              Good to have a cheap and silent alternative to the Yeston 4GB RX550 in the low power and profile segment.

              Dude your getting a dell?

              dell part number 06J78X


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                Originally posted by Danny3 View Post

                Because I want to be able to use the computer also as a computer so it should have two outputs, one for the TV and one for the monitor.
                Plus, [email protected] 120 Hz requires HDMI 2.1, which the motherboards that advertise support they lie about supporting it as it's not the full bandwidth.
                Other thing it's that I want to use the best high quality image achieved by using filters and algorithms that only MPC-HC + MadVr can do.
                I've seen even RX 570 put to its knees when choosing high quality algorithms.
                I bet an APU would be even worse with MadVr.
                Tiger Canyon allegedly supports HDMI 2.1 up to [email protected] but whether it supports [email protected] is questionable. Full spec here, 2 xHDMI & 2x thunderbolt....


                It won't be cheap either.


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                  Originally posted by dwagner View Post
                  The show stopper to use such a GPU is that it lacks the ability to drive 4k @ 60Hz.
                  I believe the NVIDIA (proprietary) drivers support [email protected] over HDMI using YUV 4:2:0 output. This was not originally supported in the Kepler generation, but I guess something they tacked on somehow.

                  And of course [email protected] should work fine with DP without any such measures on Kepler (DP 1.2). But this board is HDMI-only.


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                    Originally posted by edwaleni View Post
                    This adapter is targeted at the digital signage market.
                    And more often than not running Windows.....


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                      Yawn, Matrox has been selling PCIe 1x graphics cards with multiple outputs for years now. Going all the way back to the 1990's, Matrox has always been a major player in the multi-output "display wall" GPU market. They have cards with up to 8 mini-dp outputs on them today.

                      Another option is a second hand workstation card. A used FirePro / Radeon Pro card with four outputs is very inexpensive on sites like e bay.
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