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  • Looking for a new card

    Hi .
    I'am currently still running a Radeon HD 7950(HD280) with Arch and I plan to buy a new card , because after 4-5 years and alltough it's massively OC'ed , it's getting old

    The problem is that i'am not only kinda poor but also I struggle to find a card which is so "perfect" as the 7950 was back then.
    And maybe someone here has a good recommendation.

    Alltough I'am running arch for over ten years now I would be fine to switch to Kubuntu LTS in case that I buy an Nvidia Instead of an AMD one .
    Ohh and that's a thing I'am a bid sick of always running the latest Kernel and Mesa , I wanna "retire" in that regard so I guess a Nvidia card would be a better choice because that way I could always get the latest closed source driver without having to update the kernel DRM and Mesa . I also don't care about windows performance since I haven't used windows for years. (Accept in vm's but I don't play games under win anymore)

    I actually don't play a lot games anyways and all the games which are available under Linux nowadays are more than enough for me... Still I want to be able to play some new games now and then, in acceptable quality in 1080p.

    I would also consider used cards as I lack of money . I find the Vega 56 ( used ), kinda interesting price and perfomancewise but it's an AMD card and I am also unsure if my power supply could handle it. (It's an 480W fanless be quite) my processor is an Xeon E1230v3 hasswell...
    The 1660 Super looks good too but too expensive new and not really available or considerable cheaper used , I guess it's just too new ...
    The GTX 1070 (used) maybe ?

    Any recommendations? Or did the Game streaming providers like Stadia have become a viable alternative, under linux nowadays, maybe ?

    Thank you
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    Just FYI, if you want to stay on LTS and avoid having to update to the latest kernel/mesa we have packaged drivers for that.

    They're open source but pre-built and pre-packaged so you can pretend they're closed source


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      discrete Vega, leaving for you to figure out whether 56 or 64. Driver support is more or less there (linux, bsd or win), enough performance for playing (64 is more fitting for 4k screen than 1080p). When you play and stream, you can use it's onboard video encoder, which produces higher quality video than nVidia's. Since it's not current gen, it's bit cheaper, avoid used cards - usually from miners - unless you can get one that hasn't mined for long and has plenty of warranty left to it.