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AMD Publishes Vega 7nm ISA Documentation - 300 More Pages Of GPU Docs

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    Originally posted by DMJC View Post
    In this documentation is there anything about how to support GPU hotplugging? I'm using an eGPU setup and AMDGPU has no support for hotplug removal. The driver actually complains when you try to remove the graphics card and you can't cleanly unmount it from the system. Almost always requires a reboot to re-add the card, and you lose a VTY when you try to remove it (the console process locks up doing the removal). NVIDIA has this working without issue, but I don't want to pay $500AUD more for an NVIDIA card.
    Stare at the kernel code, and see if you can figure out something?

    How are you rendering with the external GPU? PRIME?


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      Originally posted by timofonic View Post

      Is that a twisted sarcasm? I hope so!

      I very rarely see laptops powered by AMD hardware in most physical and electronic shops I visited.

      I only found only one laptop that has AMD hardware. Even if there's one at least, it's usually not available or needs to be requested and you have to wait a few days or a week to have it.
      Here (Canada) there are a few interesting AMD notebooks now. In recent years, up until Zen, they were fairly horrible: selling due to their low price, not features.

      The cheapest interesting AMD notebook on Black Friday here was a Lenovo 14w netbook (C$170 = US$125; FullHD; 4G RAM / 64G eMMC). It has the not really interesting A6-9220C (pre-Zen) processor.

      The next interesting one was Lenovo Flex 14 - Onyx Black with an AMD Ryzen™ 7 3700U. And variants. Dell had something like this too.

      Not many, but definitely tasty.

      Cultural footnote: We celebrate Thanksgiving on a different date from the US. Yet their "Black Friday" has leaked into Canada, with a date based on the US Thanksgiving. Odd. Historically our main sale day has been Boxing Day (December 26) but that may be swept away..


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        Originally posted by make_adobe_on_Linux! View Post

        Hopefully Lenovo will make a Thinkpad with Ryzen, Vega, and a 144hz display!
        I don't care in particular about the Display refresh or mobile gaming but I would like something for professional users (like the Dell precision line or ThinkPad) without the added waste of an NVidia GPU - I simply don't need it. I'd rather have a fast AMD CPU with a decent integrated GPU with full Linux support. I can't really bring myself to buy an Intel CPU that is the refresh of the refresh of the refresh and comes with more and more CPU bugs.


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          Originally posted by Michael View Post

          This documentation is just shader ISA, not to do with anything else like hotplug/display.
          i would assume it's no different than what things used to be. talk to atombios and things get done. most of the time modesetting and display nowadays in amd drivers boils down to adding new pci ids to the driver code (which is exactly what happened with linux on ps4)