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It Looks Like HDMI FreeSync/VRR For Linux + Wayland Support Will Eventually Come For AMD

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    I'm happy that Wayland will get free sync support. That feature is quite important, but I didn't switch back to X11 just for this.


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      Originally posted by shmerl View Post

      Are you using an integrated AMD GPU? HDMI is something you should simply avoid next time when buying any hardware, it's just a bad technology. Also weird for motherboard makers to make HDMI and not DP output. They need to pay license for the former.
      HDMI is still the way to go if you want to hook up your (HT)PC to a TV.


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        Originally posted by tului View Post
        Couldnt you grab like an $80 card that's better performance than the iGPU and has DP Freesync?
        read again, my monitor has just hdmi


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          I use my 65", VRR Samsung for my Xbox One X and VRR is great. I really wish my PC would do VRR too.

          It'd also be great if turning on HDR in Windows 10 didn't make it look washed out. Never understood how MS could make HDR have less color


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            Is there any update regarding this? It's been over a year and there is still no FreeSync possible for HDMI.

            I have my small HTPC with Ryzen 2400G with Vega graphics that support FreeSync. It has both DP and HDMI outputs, but the TV has only HDMI slots.. So I'm asking that could I just use a DP --> HDMI cable and be able to use the FreeSync feature of the amdgpu driver (since it is DP only at the moment)?