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  • Budget grapich card, Open Source

    ATM I have a HD3300 (onboard), but it is only supported by basic VESA drivers. The card works fine with closed-source drivers, but since I want to build a multiseat...

    Can anyone recommend me a budget (may have poorer performance than the HD3300) card which is fully supported by OSS drivers?

    I don't need 3D acceleration. It's for PCI-E.

    Thank you!

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    The HD3300 should already work with modesetting on the open-source drivers on either the radeon or radeonhd drivers. 2d/3d acceleration is being worked on and should be ready for end-users in the next few months.

    There really isn't any discrete graphics card being sold today that is fully supported by open-source drivers, only Intel has open-source support for their most recent products. ATI is still catching up, and NVIDIA doesn't have a supported open-source effort at all (the Nouveau folks are trying to reverse-engineer NVIDIA cards, but that's tough going)

    If you don't need open-source drivers. NVIDIA and ATI both have supported proprietary drivers.


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      Hey TechMage89, thanks for your reply!

      Can you then explain to me why xrandr only shows one screen, then?

      [email protected]:~$ xrandr -q
      Screen 0: minimum 640 x 400, current 1280 x 1024, maximum 1280 x 1024
      default connected 1280x1024+0+0 0mm x 0mm
         1280x1024       0.0* 
         1152x864        0.0  
         1024x768        0.0  
         800x600         0.0  
         640x480         0.0  
         720x400         0.0
      (When I've got two connected)


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        Maybe because you use a connector which is shared with the other?


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          I'm not sure what you mean. Could you explain it, please?


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            Maybe you have got a display port connector too and the one you want to use is shared with the other one. Did you try Win?


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              I do have a display port connector, but I don't think it's shared (if I understand you correctly). The propriety driver can create independent screens.

              If Win means Windows, no I have not. A Windows license is too expensive for me.


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                You can be sure you can only use display port + one of the others.


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                  What kano means is the vga and dvi ports are linked (you can only use one of them at a time, not both) and to use two monitors you need to plug one into the display port port.


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                    Originally posted by Kano View Post
                    You can be sure you can only use display port + one of the others.
                    Why? If another driver can create 2 independent screens, then it means it's not shared, right?

                    Shared = same screen on both outputs