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    Originally posted by middy View Post

    its not broken. its a feature and i'm being serious about that. amd purposefully made it that the fan will never go above ~2000-2300rpm as that is the max rpm. out of 5000. they designed the fan profile to keep the core around 85c and 115c hotspot. they chose to kill performance rather than increase the fan because they still have ptsd vietnam flashbacks over the 290 series with their loud fans running at 10,000rpm and how they got ridiculed heavily for it.

    I picked up a 5700xt myself and put a morpheus on it. keeps the core around 55-57c and hotspot around 79-81c. had to use 0.3mm metal washers from home depot on the mounting nuts connecting to the cold plate. along with using the amd retention bracket after messing around 7 times with different mounting techniques. kinda feel like i should have just picked up a 2070 super fe instead but i wanted open source linux drivers that just werked. though the card is pretty beastly at 1900mhz range its running at on its own since the thermals are under control. really keeps up with a 2070 super and in some games with a 2080. like bf:v. wish it didn't cost the same after the morpheus mod. well i wish amd had AIB's release at launch instead of waiting one to two months out. ridiculous.

    on a side note the windows drivers have been ridiculously awful. so damn buggy. from green screens during driver installation, to random TDR's causing the screen turning black at anytime and directx errors of cannot find graphics device. so many complaints. amd seriously needs to get their act together and learn to code. they make great hardware but seriously shoot themselves in the foot with the software experience.
    I agree with everything you've said here, except the first sentence. AMD might not consider it broken but it is.

    I can't justify the Morpheus II because that that point I should just by a 2070 Super. I did manage to get it working pretty decent in windows right now:

    -Disable freesync
    -Disable HDCP
    -Don't touch the Virtual Super Resolution (leave it disabled)
    -Undervolt / Underclock the GPU (I'm actually putting it at the game clock AMD says it is suppose to run at).
    -Force close all applications that poll sensors (anything related to amd and radeon in task manager).

    I'm tempted to return this and wait for the aftermarket coolers, Mine isn't stable without the undervolt / underclock to keep temperatures in check.