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Looking to Purchase Radeon VII: Owners, Is it Honestly Worth it?

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  • Looking to Purchase Radeon VII: Owners, Is it Honestly Worth it?

    I'll state this bluntly: my experiences with AMD cards have been pretty awful. From one of my HD 7990 cards dying after belching flames into my PC case due to a burst capacitor, to my RX Vega Frontier Edition requiring a system restart just to post after every cold boot, to the barely-functional drivers that seem to be a tradition with AMD releases.

    I don't mean to sound anti-AMD, these are just my experiences. In my opinion AMD cards have long been the best for compute purposes, just fallen behind a bit in gaming due to single threaded DX11 drivers, etc, taking them out of the consumer eye.

    At this point though, there are pretty slim options for a video card for OpenCL compute. Nvidia refuses to modernize their OpenCL drivers trying to force CUDA adoption, and in applications I use, the equivalent card performance-wise would be a 2080TI, a whopping $500 more for a butchered, cut down card with substantially less and substantially slower memory. The Radeon VII provides a huge performance uplift over my current GTX 1080 (sadly I sold the Vega FE card due to the numerous problems I experienced), and the 2x+ boost in performance in many of my workloads is an appealing draw.

    But I have noticed a number of driver updates reaching the card, and even a BIOS update which appears to solve many of the critical issues present at release. So, before spending that much, again, on something from a company I have a terrible history with, I naturally have some questions:

    1). How much heat does the card contribute to you guys' PC cases? I use a Supermicro 745TQ-R1200B system with three fans blowing in down the full height of the front, and two exhaust fans near the back, but fans can get pretty loud when the CPUs heat up. Have your other internal system temperatures increased noticeably?

    2). For you 'creator' types, are the drivers really stable? Will I be able to, for instance, edit video reliably and scrub timelines in Premier, AE, or Resolve without driver hangs? Will my system remain stable enough to edit very high polygon (20m plus triangles) models, and to leave Blender / Luxcore renders running overnight without fear of crashes or overheats? Are the glaring issues with Substance Painter hanging still present with recent drivers?

    Thanks a ton in advance for responses.