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  • Which Graphics Card?

    Hey guys!

    I'm going to get a new computer soon (a desktop), and have to think about the CPU, GPU, RAM etc. I'll have Windows Vista (or XP, if I find Vista sucking too much), and Ubuntu. I use Linux mainly for programming (I write computer games as a hobby), checking email, browsing the web and all usual computer stuff. Since I'll be writing (and probably even playing some) computer games on Linux, I'd need decent hardware acceleration on Linux. I use Windows to run programs (mostly games) that are Windows-only (like TF2). Running 3D games through Wine under Linux will also be important to check cross-compiled applications, and may be also to run some small games.

    After reading your articles, checking out many websites and doing a lot of research, I guess the NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ is what I'm going to go for. I thought about GTX 280 too, but it seems its has huge power requirements and might not work well under Linux.

    What card do you think I should get? How about an AMD card (remember, native Linux 3D, Wine Linux 3D, and native Windows 3D are all important)?

    I'd like something below 250$.

    ps. Check out, its a game I made.

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    The new 55nm GTX 260 might be just below your price limit.


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      The newer GTX 260 (the one with the 216 stream processors) is the best deal right now.

      Stay away from AMD/ATI :P I have a Radeon HD4870 and it's awful in Linux.


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        Thanks for the feedback guys. How's the GTX 260 Linux-support?


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          I thought the new GTX 260 has even 240 not 216 and a higher clockspeed. All current Nvidia cards use the same driver.


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            Originally posted by Kano View Post
            I thought the new GTX 260 has even 240 not 216 and a higher clockspeed. All current Nvidia cards use the same driver.
            No the new GTX 260 has 216 shaders, the older ones had 192.


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              At least there is a chip with 240 shaders now - two of em are used on the 295. I would sell it as single 260 too, but maybe Nvidia thinks different The 55nm variant of the 260 can at least clocked higher than the one before (there are certainly already oc variants available) - and should use less power.
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                From what I see others tell, driver support is very good in Linux. It should "just work", including Wine, Compiz and Video.