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Trying Out The Radeon VII On Ubuntu 19.04 As Well As Linux 5.1 + Mesa 19.1

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    I'd like to see a 18.04 with proprietary driver comparison, to eliminate a hardware failure.


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      Wouldn't be surprised those people suffering GPU crashes is due to extremely relaxed fan/cooling curves under Linux (or not working correctly). I've seen that happen before.

      A way to test is set fan to 100% then do testing, not ideal but useful for determining if heat is the issue.


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        I have had random hangs with my Radon VII but nothing as reproducible as in the article. The issue seems to have gone or got much better after I completely removed ROCm from the system. Might be worth a try for anyone who got similar problems and have ROCm installed.


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          Michael, use Fedora. I am has Radeon VII card and it work on Fedora out of box.


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            Well I would recommend people use ARCH for testing so they can grab the latest stuff off AUR if needed.
            ARCH repositories are kept up to date pretty fast whereas I can't say the same about ubuntu.

            I'm using Antergos KDE myself, pretty good overall, I did have a blackscreen issue with NVIDIA drivers once but that was because a newer kernel came out and it didn't grab the headers which nvidia need or blackscreen/boot issues.


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              Could you please stop claiming that the free drivers are bad because Ubuntu has big problems?
              It's like saying cars are bad because the streets in one country are bad.
              It's a test about Ubuntu only, one if not the most horrible distro for free driver support.

              So 99% sure it's the distro, because usually you don't have such big regressions in Mesa or free drivers itself.

              I even called Ubuntu sometimes Nvidia Linux, because it brings so old kernels and not updates them which is horrible for free drivers but good for Blobs like the Nvidia Blob.

              So don't judge the free drivers with "Nvidia Linux"!

              So could it be that like you say the AMD drivers are horrible and there were hard regressions, sure everything is possible, is it likely? No, 99% sure it's what Michael test, Ubuntu.

              And AMD can't fix how bad Ubuntu is, they only can work on upstream, when Ubuntu fails to deliver a good upstream experience because they use Server kernels on Workstations and some questionable or underpaid 3rd party people try to "backport" some upstream stuff, of course that is not trustworthy.

              So as long as he does not test a current Fedora his findings are pretty much worthless or clickbait. It's like installing Windows XP and testing to install the newest graphics drivers... and take that as proof how bad the drivers from that companies is.


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                Originally posted by ihatemichael
                And no, it's not hardware issue, because it works with llvmpipe.
                llvmpipe is software rendering, so it renders using your CPU, not your GPU. "works with llvmpipe" means that it works without the GPU.

                It is possible that you either have a revision of that GPU model which was not tested by the driver team (similarly to what happened with the Sapphire RX 590 earlier reported on Phoronix), and thus has bugs. It is also possible that you have a hardware defect. Hard to say. Consider filing a bug on freedesktop and/or pinging the devs in the #radeon channel on Freenode to get some help on how to diagnose what the problem is.


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                  Antergos KDE has been good to me, not too many major issues for the most part and I keep up to date, sorry that other people have issues with it.. shrug.


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                    Originally posted by ihatemichael

                    I'm the disappointed owner of a Ryzen and I cannot agree more, amdgpu+radeonsi still has lots of issues.

                    All these users claiming it's perfect don't know what they are saying or they clearly don't use their computers enough.

                    Sheesh, even Intel bugs are getting fixed, AMD bugs just go ignored on the fd.o bug tracker.
                    Or, you know, we just aren't having any of those problems.


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                      Well it happen the same to me with my rx 480 but not those errors, they only way I found it is doing the pstate a little lower then the normal one and disable the 7 state, but at less I didn't had crash. I think that's the only downside of amd card sometime you need to tweak it undervolting for had better performance or stable then the stock one, usually these apply for not reference card, for third partner that overclock with different state each manufacter.