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Trying Out The Radeon VII On Ubuntu 19.04 As Well As Linux 5.1 + Mesa 19.1

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      I´ ve said it before and I´ ll say it again, on the cpu side of things AMD is absolutely owning it, loving their work.

      But their gpus and the software controlling it, are simply PATHETIC !!
      I would really like to see them stepping up their game, because we really need them to put pressure on nvidia.


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        Can't confirm. I've got a Radeon VII from Asus and it has since been working very well, even on -0.1V


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          Maybe Michael should try Fedora...


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            Originally posted by wizard69 View Post
            Sadly I think AMD has some serious issues with all of their GPUs. Ryzen Mobile still has issues.
            They have serious issues with their drivers, that's for sure.


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              Originally posted by ihatemichael

              No, that's not the case.

              My issues can be reproduced on multiples distros, already tested.

              No, they need to stop being in denial and fix the bugs that are open on fd.o since years ago.

              Hm are you sure that its the driver and not the motherboard?.
              I use an asrock a300 with 2400g, with debian. It works for me. I believe you also have an 2400g no? Padoka worked for me.

              Kind regards


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                Unsurprising. My Vega 64 is unstable on Arch Linux while gaming as well. CS:GO and Quake Champions can typically produce a full system lockup requiring a hard reset.


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                  Originally posted by andyprough View Post
                  There's a report on newegg of a similar repeated failure after an overheating event. User feels it was a faulty card, had to RMA.
                  From the article:
                  >which is a pity since on launch-day the support was working out well when fetching the latest code at the time.
                  Ruling out the card currently being faulty after some kind of .. event should just be a matter of Michael re-testing it with the exact same software and hardware he used for the launch-day testing. If that configuration which previously worked still works then cards probably fine, if that suddenly throws the same kind of errors then it's time to take a good long look at the card.

                  Windows-infecting a machine and using that to test the card may also be a worthwhile idea.

                  I am curious to see how this plays out regardless of that the issue is since quite a few AMD linux developers visit this site from time to time.


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                    Originally posted by ihatemichael
                    All these users claiming it's perfect don't know what they are saying or they clearly don't use their computers enough.
                    <sarcasm>You discovered me! I don't actually use any of my 3 PCs with AMD CPU + AMD GPU, I got the Radeon VII just for show!</sacrasm>

                    Now on to a more serious note: Every PC is different, even if it has the same components. How we use our PCs is different, so the way we use the hardware can be quite different. In general, that often leads to vastly different experiences across different users.

                    We can't simply say "It works for me, you are wrong!". Neither can we say "It doesn't work for me, so it works for nobody and you all are lying!"

                    As a software dev myself, I can relate that it can often be very hard to reproduce and debug a problem if you're not in front of the failing computer yourself. And what we can't reproduce, we generally can't fix. Sometimes you can take a guess and "win", but with something as complex as a GPU driver stack, good luck I'd say.

                    In Michael's case, he already wrote AMD couldn't reproduce his problem, so it's not like they're ignoring it. And out of experience, they are also not ignoring the fd.o bugtracker, there's just lots of issues, not everything is reproducible or affects everyone. So they kinda have to prioritize things by severity a bit.


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                      Originally posted by mrazster View Post
                      I would really like to see them stepping up their game, because we really need [AMD] to put pressure on nvidia.
                      We really need AMD to give us great GPU with open drivers.

                      We don't need any other pressure than the one that would make NVidia opening drivers.

                      You can't expect AMD to put pressure on NVidia if you don't buy AMD.

                      AMD is a GPU maker you can buy GPU from, not a way to make you buy more NVidia.