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Advise on new GPU (and motherboard)

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  • Advise on new GPU (and motherboard)


    My decade-old machine is showing signs of age and I am seeking advise for a new build. My goals are:
    - dual boot LInux Mint / Win 10
    - use fairly decent/new parts to maximize longevity of the build (hopefully 10 years like my previous one)
    - powerful CPU such as AMD Rizen 7 2700x
    - decent GPU (I don't do gaming, mostly programming and a bit of number CPU-based number crunching at time) but I am planning at buy a ultra-wide screen in the future

    Initially, I planned on getting a Asus - Radeon RX 580 8 GB ROG STRIX Video Card, but the ASUS guy I chatted with told me that ASUS did not support this card for linux OS. Can you suggest an alternative in the $150-200 range?

    Thanks in advance for your feedback

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    ASUS doesn't support anything on Linux. You can't go by that.


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      OK. What is the correct approach?


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        Thanks debianxfce

        Would you recommend an Asus - Radeon RX 580 8 GB ROG STRIX or an Asus - Radeon RX 580 8 GB AREZ STRIX?


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          Very useful insight.
          Price differences is $40, which is significant on the basis of the card alone... but might not be on the basis of the overall build.


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            I saw a lot of benchmarks on this site for the Ryzen 2700x using the ASUS crosshair Vii motherboard... It seems a bit overkill for my usage and I was wondering what your opinion would be about using the prior generation (ASUS crosshair VI). I did not find any reference on the web that would suggest that this prior generation motherboard would support a linux OS.
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              Thanks for your feedback

              I'll post again when my build is complete.


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                I ended up buying an ASUS PRIME X470-PRO to work with my Ryzen 2700X and an ASUS Expedition RX-570 8GB. Apart for a little mix-up on my part with my DDR4, everything went during system build and OS installation.

                Thanks debianxfce for your advises.