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XGI Display Driver Finally On The Linux Kernel Chopping Block

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    > Given there is someone

    That someone is called Kevin Brace.

    And my first thought was if he might jump into the gap, but he's got enough projects already. And he's working single-handedly (TM) on openchrome, the old ATI driver and whatnot.

    I usually feel pity if a driver leaves but in this case... XGI never really took off, I remember the early days and it was even more painful than VIA. Sadly some of those chips were soldered to mainboards of servers and a couple of laptops. And iirc. Michael tested the blob and was horrified. These chips never ran much better than a VESA driver anyway, so there is not much lost if that driver vanishes.

    With the lack of documentation, XGI out of business for long and these chips slowly vanishing from the face of earth it is questionable if somebody will ever try to reverse engineer something here. It's a lot of work and success might not be all that great.
    Still it sucks that there is HW without Linux/FOSS support at all.
    Stop TCPA, stupid software patents and corrupt politicians!


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      Originally posted by hax0r View Post
      I always hate to see support being removed for any device (old, unmaintained, unpopular etc) from Linux xorg gcc or just about any foss software, I would like to see this stuff sticking around forever.
      The hardware this driver kinda supported is not really around anymore, and what little is left is fading into obscurity pretty fast. You can't compare it to losing general-purpose software or tools that would run on any PC.

      They could demote the driver/code to staging folder within Linux source code, couldn't they? They don't have to throw it out? At least git keeps history of code, so there's possibility of reviving it later.
      They delete it exactly because there is git history and someone can go fetch it from there.


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        Originally posted by Adarion View Post
        Still it sucks that there is HW without Linux/FOSS support at all.
        This is eventually going to be fixed by not having access to XGI hardware anymore, in less than 5 years when even the servers from clearances won't be on sale.