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The Expected Linux Driver State For The Radeon VII

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    Originally posted by tomtomme View Post
    MI50 has the exact same configuration except the 32GB HBM2
    mi50 has 16gb
    it has tiny difference in frequency


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      Originally posted by kbios View Post
      I too have a vega fe with a waterblock...
      i'm waiting for top amd card with waterblock (i decided to wait a little on vega soon before they stopped producing liquid cooled edition)


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        Originally posted by valici View Post
        Still the price could be better. Maybe 550$.
        That is highly unlikely. While I agree that it would be very nice if the price was low it's probably not possible. They are putting 16 GB HBM2 RAM on this card. That alone is a pretty high cost AMD / their board partners have to eat. Perhaps AMD is expecting RAM prices to come down this year. It's hard go guess what they are thinking.


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          Originally posted by Marc Driftmeyer View Post
          These aren't FE cards. They're MI50 cards.
          I was referring to how they're marketed and sold, not the actual hardware inside. A single card for high end gaming and workstation use rather than two ranges of two or more cards for each use.

          Originally posted by xiando View Post
          Perhaps AMD is expecting RAM prices to come down this year.
          I wouldn't say it's that much of a reach seeing how RAM prices have been on a clear downward trend since October of last year (IIRC) and are expected to continue that trend due to falling demand for mobile devices, which is what drove RAM prices as high as they've gotten in the first place.
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            Originally posted by tomtomme View Post
            I thought we knew that Vega20 is not just a die shrink of Vega10, because of things like much greater double precision perf and 8bit support. As it is almost certain that Vega VII is a Vega20 part (MI50 has the exact same configuration except the 32GB HBM2) there must be driver updates. Or is it possible to just use the old driver, and thus just not enabling those new features? Or was Vega10 already shipping those features, just without a driver available?
            It's clearly more than a straight die shrink.

            Compared to Vega 64 clock speeds are up 15%, but performance is up 30%. Bringing it upto RTX 2080 level in gaming on windows...
            If it's just a node shrink the performance uplift cannot exceed the clockspeed uplift.