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Modding Fake PreGCN AMD Card BIOS, Toward an Open-Source/Libre Firmware

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  • Modding Fake PreGCN AMD Card BIOS, Toward an Open-Source/Libre Firmware

    Hello, after a friend of mine moved abroad, he said that I can take his old computer, and due to lack of time, I took it a few years later.
    Amongst the parts, was an unbranded AMD GPU (which was still great, which claimed to be a Radeon HD7570, with 4GB of GDDR5.
    After some research, including inspecting every single chip on the board, it turns out that it is actually a Radeon HD6770, with 1GB of 1500Mhz GDDR5, with a faked AtomBIOS, as GLXInfo shows it as a Radeon HD750, with 4GB of 750Mhz GDDR5.

    I had spoken a little (very little so far) with Luc Verhaegen on GitHub regarding compiling his branch of FlashROM (until his patches get merged), and I had used it to backup the firmware, after which I looked at it with GHex, which amazingly, showed in the metadata only 1GB of GDDR5, while the internal codename showed up as on GLXInfo, without mention of the model name.
    Now I had just compiled AtomDis, and used it to look at the tables, and I had found two more codenames (from the same family): Turks Pro, and Turks XT, as well as the vendor ID, which looks to be PC Partner, which apparently used to build GPUs for Sapphire (which if true, though we cannot verify anything at this point, would be nice, as my Sapphire HD5850 Xtreme had died on me last year, about a year after I had bought it 2nd hand (without realizing it's worth)). GLXInfo claims that the vendor is AMD, though.

    I am in no way experienced, just a (slightly beyond) user, however I do want to learn computer engineering (both hardware and software) in the future (once I manage to sort out my day to day life), and here I had taken upon myself to try modding my GPU to show the correct information, using FlashROM specifically (to help advance it's progression in this field), and then help to build for it an open-source/libre firmware.

    Currently I am stuck though, as I have no idea how to modify it, due to my lack of knowledge of how hexadecimal strings work, so I am looking for help in this regard.

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    I agree with you, however I have to start with something, and your answer does not help me in that regard.
    What I am asking, is if someone who can help me with my project, and is truly interested in doing so in a way that can help me learn, would step up and do so (no pressure, I do not wish to be a burden to anyone).
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