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20-Way AMD / NVIDIA Linux Gaming Benchmarks For The 2018 Holidays

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  • 20-Way AMD / NVIDIA Linux Gaming Benchmarks For The 2018 Holidays

    Phoronix: 20-Way AMD / NVIDIA Linux Gaming Benchmarks For The 2018 Holidays

    If you are hoping to pick-up a new graphics card during the upcoming holiday sales, here is a 20-way NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon Linux gaming benchmark comparison using a wide assortment of GPUs while using the very newest graphics drivers and a variety of OpenGL/Vulkan titles.

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    Too bad the rx590 drivers are broken at the moment


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      RadeonSI is doing quite well. Vega does work acceptable with RadeonSI.
      RADV is still not where it should be. Especially Vega seems to underperform with it. Features don't seem to be an issue, performance should be tuned.

      For Linux users, RX 580 8GiB is still by far the best GPU for the price. With a higher budget, buying Vega 56 or Vega 64 is completely cool, you should just have a reasonable power supply
      No matter which GPU you choose, go for the quality cards of the manufacturer, not for the budget version.

      Edit: When RX 590 will work, using RADV might lead to a point where the performance is not far behind Vega 56. So I really hope RADV improves in the next weeks for Vega GPUs.
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        Originally posted by bofh80

        OK so 4.19.2 and sure enough clock gating kicks in. Along with some really strange black vertical line corruption that waxes lyrical up and down the screen. the boot time was most impressive tho. i tried with dc=0 and got very different corruption, like ghosting with specles and green and pink blurs. rebooted back into 4.18 for now. :/ tried the Tearfree and vblank_mode (s). Anyone got ideas?

        EDIT: I have 3 screens hooked up and i usually turn on vsync (previously nvidia triple buffered)
        I have that card. It should work out of the box in any 2018 distro. Have you tested it in any other distro with a flashdrive, just to make sure it is ok?


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          Originally posted by phoronix View Post
          Even with the strong RadeonSI OpenGL performance in Deux Ex: Mankind Divided,


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            Originally posted by bofh80

            It seems at certain resolutions / frequencies you might not have seen a problem. bang on 1080p 60hz seems to be fine for most people. I'm 1080p 59.93hz or something. and when the auto mode changes the frequency that's when you get the corruption.
            I'm on KDE Neon/Ubuntu 18.04, running the 4.15 kernel. I tried some refresh rates (including the one you mentioned) and it is fine. My monitor is a older Benq that can go up to 120Hz. I also using a DisplayPort cable.

            Like I said, try running some other distros in a live USB drive and see what happens. Maybe is just some problem with your installation.


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              AMD is bad for the environment.


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                Who told you that you will ever need a 700 W PSU with 1 single GPU? Well I literally burnt a 300 W PSU with a GTX 295 but even if you OC hitting 400 W combined is hard to reach. i7-2600 + RX550 worked fine with 250 W PSU. If nobody told you before: it is wasted money+energy (because a PSU is more efficent with higher loads) total buy totally oversized PSUs.


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                  Originally posted by bofh80
                  As for the article itself. Is no one else really interested in the 1080 benchmark?
                  RX285 (Tonga) too, please. - Not that I for myself own one, but...


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                    Originally posted by bofh80

                    I meant 1080 resolution :/ sometimes i forget about overlap that like. like what else could it mean right? lol.
                    Ya, lol.
                    So, second your and my request, then...;-)