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AMD FreeSync 2 HDR Coming To The Linux Kernel In 2019

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    This means that I may finally buy a new monitor next year. I've been waiting to do it, since paying extra for FreeSync wasn't worth it unless I could actually utilize it in Linux. Then I'd rather wait for the support, and get a better monitor for my money when that finally happened.

    I'm looking for a widescreen monitor, preferably curved, with 4K and 144 Hz, and great colors. I've been working with a 4K 40" monitor (not widescreen) during the last couple of years and it really is a treat. Going back to 2x24" and 1920x1200 feels extremely limiting and small, in comparison. The problem is that I haven't got room for a 40" screen at my home desk, so I have to settle for something smaller.


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      Originally posted by coder View Post
      Sadly, there aren't many FreeSync 2 monitors currently available.

      Here's one, but the reviews aren't great and I wish it weren't curved.
      Here's a proper review
      samsung c32hg70, c32hg70, samsung c32hg70 review, c32hg70 review, samsung chg70, samsung chg70 review, lcd, tft

      Originally posted by humbug View Post

      Athough not HDR currently the perfect freesync monitor to buy is the Nixeus edg27.
      30Hz to 144Hz freesync range with LFC
      27 inch screen with 2560x1440 resolution
      great colours with it's IPS panel

      Have the sammy 32 fs 2 monitor, It's actually rather good. FS range was increased with a firmware update not long after release. 40 - 144 iirc


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        Originally posted by debianxfce View Post
        The LG 32 inch monitor is not curved:
        Nice. But it's too big for the resolution. I want those exact specs in 27". I have a 27" monitor that resolution and it's perfect.

        I'm not yet ready to go to 4k, which is a more appropriate resolution for 32".


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          Originally posted by Brisse View Post

          This is for the proprietary driver and I'm willing to bet this information does not apply to the upcoming FLOSS-implementation. On Windows it doesn't care what game you play, it just works regardless and that's what they should be aiming to achieve in open source as well.
          Another thing that I'd be interested in knowing is whether "In multi-display configurations, FreeSync will NOT be engaged (even if both FreeSync displays are identical)" would be true from that link as well. If I can just replace my center monitor and freesync would work, I'd most likely buy one, but I'm not going from 3 monitors down to 1 just for freesync.