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The Tighter NVIDIA GeForce vs. AMD Radeon Linux Gaming Battle With 396.54 + Mesa 18.3-dev Drivers

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    Originally posted by Girolamo_Cavazzoni View Post

    Please excuse my question, but in what country do you live? I presume you live in an industry nation and
    • your perishable food is stored in a refrigerator
    • you cook you meals and roast your bread with some kinds of electric devices
    • your home is lighted with filament or LED lamps
    • all the other gadgets that make your life a pleasure are electrically powered, too. Not to forget that
    • electricity is abundant.
    • Big electricity consuming corporations even get paid to consume excess electricity.
    So please, stop this hypocrisy. Regarding energy consumption it doesn't matter a crap which graphics card is in any PC. There are different things to consider when buying a graphics card than energy consumption. (For example if it's worth buying from an asshole company like Nvidia.)
    Here's a really good piece of advice. Don't take drugs before you post. My advice is free, btw.

    I just made a legitimate comparison - nothing wrong with it. People do look at heat and power consumption with graphics cards, maybe not everyone but people actually look at those things sometimes.


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      Originally posted by Panix View Post
      Bull. Prove it. I'm not a fan of Nvidia by any means - they are just as bad as Intel for jacking up prices and expecting people to pay for it. But, the fact of the matter is, their video cards, overall or generally, are more power efficient than similar /'equivalent' AMD graphics cards. AMD graphics cards are power hogs. If it wasn't for that, I'd be choosing one over Nvidia even if the performance was a bit less. But, it requires excessive power to be competitive. That tells me it's not very efficient.
      Is power expensive where you are? Or do you work your graphics card hard for many hours per day?

      I only use my graphics card for heavy loads for ~2 hours per day on average. The rest of the time it's idle. I don't think there is much difference between idle power usage of most cards.

      Old data, but it will still roughly apply to today's cards: