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  • AMD or Intel

    I want to change my PC. I have two ideas: AMD AM4 Ryzen 5 2400G or Core i5 8400. I have a 4K monitor with 30bit color depth.
    If possible I need 30bit support for my monitor. I will use it for the GIMP, Inkscape and Darktable under Ubuntu 18.04.
    Which is the better for me?

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    Either AMD or Intel will work for your use case, but you will need fairly recent software. Ubuntu 18.04 is not going to be sufficient, unless you upgrade kernel/xorg/mesa through PPAs.

    Ryzen 2400G (Raven Ridge) will work best with the upcoming kernel 4.17:
    30 bit color support needs server 1.20 if used with GLAMOR acceleration
    also Mesa 18.0 is needed

    About Intel, I think some chips do not support 10bpc over HDMI, only over DisplayPort. Double-check if that is your intended use case. I would however prefer AMD anyway due to the better GPU.