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Ryzen 5 2400G Radeon Vega Linux OpenGL/Vulkan Gaming Benchmarks

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    Originally posted by debianxfce View Post

    Gnome is buggy, uhbuntu uses old software and that causes stability problems in phoronix system. Use Xfce and lightdm with the Mesa dev git and the agd5f/linux/log/?h=drm-next-4.17-wip kernel. Make bug reports that are easy to verify, for example test with wine-staging csmt enabled and unigine heaven. AMD will fix problems in two weeks.
    Well years ago when I last tried radeons, switching to nvidia dramatically improved both performance and stability. Suddenly despite heavy use I could be up for weeks before some patch or another caused me to reboot. Similarly today I find ubuntu + nvidia pretty stable, at least the LTS releases anyways.

    Any case thanks for the input. I'll wait and see if the newest fedora/ubuntu 18.04 or similar distribution has all the needed Mesa, kernel magic, and other necessary bits.


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      31.x fps not playable? "The Talos Principle was also much faster than the Intel graphics with this 1080p testing, but still too slow on Linux to be considered playable."
      DOS titles on my 386sx25 did not run faster, and when I once a year boot Windows for Project Cars on my rMBP 15" it also runs around 30fps with medium details at 1680x1050 or what my aging ACD resolution is ;-)


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        Why do they only allow 2 gb? I wish there was an update allowing to set whatever pleases you.


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          Would it work for XKCD 606?


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            What kind of ram was used in the test?


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              Originally posted by Alliancemd View Post
              Reviewers say that it comes with a small 512M B VRAM preset in the BIOS.
              Increasing it to 2GB increases the performance.
              Did you run it with the default?
              Eh, as this is a real APU, and as long as the driver support is good enough : this might make very little difference? if you run out of "graphics memory" you can read textures from main memory (since the AGP 2x days), and here both the CPU and GPU have about the same way of accessing memory, through that big coherent interconnect.

              So if you have no weird overhead, no access violation, I think you'd see identical results whether the setting says 512MB or 2GB. Unless you would get an out of memory condition with 512MB sometimes (three 4K displays, triple buffered, FP16 framebuffers, buffers you're rendering into...) I think the setting would mostly tell the OS this area is "reserved" so that it doesn't put programs and disk cache in there?
              /edit : or it will be slower depending on number of memory allocations..
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                I'm going to get a Ryzen 5 2400G to replace my Kabini APU for my media centre. Does any one know of any mini-ITX (or smaller) motherboards with HDMI 2.0? Everything I've found so far has been HDMI 1.4


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                  Got my 2200G today. Up & running stable so far. Modifications made to Ubuntu 17.10:

                  - Kernel 4.16rc1 from Ubuntu Kernel Mainline PPA
                  - Mesa 17.3.3 from Ubuntu X Team PPA
                  - linux-firmware 1.171 found in PROPOSED for Ubuntu Bionic Beaver

                  Playing Video content via Firefox (YouTube) works without any glitches


                  CPU (26°C [cooled via Noctua NH-D9L])
                  VRM (32°C [1x120mm Case FAN])


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                    Nice product, obviously! Still I got my T440s to work mobile and my desktop with 3570k + RX 480 + 16 GB RAM.
                    I'll consider a 7 nm APU in a business notenote when time has come. I guess that one will be almost competitive to the performance of my desktop and that may be enough to me, even in 2020.


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                      Originally posted by FireBurn View Post
                      I'm going to get a Ryzen 5 2400G to replace my Kabini APU for my media centre. Does any one know of any mini-ITX (or smaller) motherboards with HDMI 2.0? Everything I've found so far has been HDMI 1.4
                      You likely need a Displayport to HDMI 2.0 converter, which a nice motherboard can discreetly include on-board in theory - if none does then get an external one.
                      BUT there are a lot of "HDMI 4K" converters which of course are useless (yet another HDMI 1.4!)

                      So you can't go to any store ; web-search for a "real" one, fully explicit e.g. like this :
                      "Supports UHD Resolutions up to 3840x2160p at 60Hz with 24 bit color and 4:4:4 color sampling"

                      (That or a geforce GT1030 would work with your Kabini if it fits in the case, but the CPU will still be slow)
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