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  • LuísMago
    Hi Debian!
    Thank you for your reply! I'm going to check that info and hopefully buy the parts today!
    Your solution is much cheaper that an Intel / NVIDIA one. Thank you!

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  • LuísMago
    started a topic Build New Budget PC

    Build New Budget PC

    Hi all!
    My old Quad2Core machine died today and I will need a to rebuild it in the present week so that I can work .
    I'm seeking for help because my budget is tight (500€) and I use some heavy applications like Adobe After Effects and SolidWorks Pro.
    I'm from Portugal and I want to buy all the parts from national stores because of any RMA issues that might come up.
    I want the computer to be as energy eficient as possible, so probably AMD processors will not be a solution.
    I have already sorted some results for the required components. I will keep my case, HD and PSU.
    Feel free to ask anything.

    1- Motherboard -"61"%2C"345"%5D%2C%5B"43"%2C"1205"%5 D%2C%5B"42"%2C"206"%5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco+ASC
    2- Processor - et+H4+-LGA1151-+-+&query=%5B%5B"171"%2C"1491"%5D%5D&orderPreco=+pre co+ASC
    3- GPU (with at least 8Gb) -"48"%2C"268"%5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco +ASC
    4- RAM (at least 16Gb) -"113"%2C"775"%5D%2C%5B"111"%2C"753"% 5D%5D&orderPreco=+preco+ASC