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Linux Gaming For Older/Lower-End Graphics Cards In 2018

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    Originally posted by AnonymousCoward View Post
    I did notice the 570's slightly higher memory clocks after writing above post, but if I edit it it'll probably need to be moderated again because of the links.
    When comparing specs, I find the best resource is:

    I wish AMD had something like
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      Originally posted by dwagner View Post
      Don't forget that AMD silently lowered the published minimum specs for the RX 560 in order to allow manufacturers to sell their RX460 stock under a new name, with only 896 instead of the original 1024 shaders, and Michael did not write whether the RX 560 he benchmarked was one of the earlier models or one of the later cheap knock-offs.

      See also:
      They did correct that rather quickly. I think they wanted to offer a model for the OEMs that would not require extra power (and be PCI-E only) and be of lower TDP. So today it should be labeled with some extension like... uh, dunno RX 560 V (for value) or something like that. It was confusing for a couple of weeks, though.
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