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16-Way GPU Comparison With NVIDIA GPUs Going Back To Kepler

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    I have to admit, the dota results are quiet odd. Are you sure you don't have a max fps settings somewhere?

    I'm playing this game with a lower resolution (1920*1080) on a gtx 970, the games runs at 200 fps with vulkan.

    And it seems like the benches are capped around 110 fps with very little difference from one card to the other.


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      I'm still surprised how good the RX480/580 is under Linux. Most of the time, they are about the same level with a 1060, but with
      It's funny - Hitman still runs extremely good with Linux, while the last few Updates somehow broke performance on Windows.


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        I've noticed that the Geforce GTX 780 Ti is often included, yet it seems the 750 Ti is more popular (at least according to Steam and Of course I notice this since my desktop also has a Geforce GTX 750 Ti.


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          Originally posted by michal

          another usecase that might be interesting for people. unfortunately phoronix is focusing on useless tests like games and ignores real life use cases like machine/deep learning.
          speak for yourself, just because YOU are not interested, doesn't mean others don't. From many comments over many years of visiting this site, i can conclude you are wrong.