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    I'm searching for new hardware to replace my aging laptop. As a minimum it should be able to play 1080p video and run a full kde desktop on debian. I would like to go with an option that is as friendly to free software as possible, however it seems there aren't a lot of options. The ones i looked at at are the TALOS workstation from Raptor engineering, but that is way to expensive for my budget (~3k$ for board + processor only iirc.) and some ARM based computers from Olimex and others, which, although cheap and relatively okay, i don't think would perform even as well as this aging laptop.

    Are there any reasonably priced modern alternatives to x86 boards and processors? (i don't want to buy anything that has intel ME/amd PSP inside it.)

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    I recently used this guy's guide and it was really helpful to me.
    Ultimate Gaming Laptops Guide for game lovers like myself. I want to show you recommended laptop specification you should look out for in a gaming laptop.


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      If you can't get around Intel ME "paranoia" you might try to find the best possible motherboard with AMD 760G chipset (i.e. one that has official 125 watt CPU support and presumably heatsinks on the VRMs) and use FX8320E as the CPU.

      If you find only low end AM3+ motherboards with 760G or geforce 7025 (95W CPU max ; FX8320E is also 95W) recommendations would be to glue heatsinks to the VRMs, use a "top-down" CPU heatsink/fan.
      This is to fight the usual weakness of low end AM2+/AM3/AM3+ - trouble keeping up with the high power demands of CPUs like high clocked Phenom II or FX.
      8320E or 8370E are slightly underclocked eight-core FX with a bit better performance per watt.

      If you go that route you'll have a somewhat modern system (new parts, still available) and somewhat ancient as well : BIOS and not UEFI, old to very old chipset! (geforce 7025 seems a small revision of geforce 6100 which I think came out in 2006)


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        Thanks for the tips! I think the paranoia is justified, it wasn't so long ago when due to incompetent spy software companies, not only the secret service, but also the countries biggest telecommunications firm was revealed to have bought spy software from them. Also the rising paranoia concerning the migrants is also a good grounds on which to erode rights to privacy, which has been happening across the continent.