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Computer cases, easy to swap SSDs?

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  • Computer cases, easy to swap SSDs?

    Looking for a case designed for rapid addition/subtraction of SSDs. Idealy where all the power/data ribbons are fixed to the back of a slot, into which you can just quickly press an SSD.

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    You need some server case with HDD caddys.


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      Nice call on HDD caddy's, somehow I had forgotten products like that exist.

      SYBA 2.5" Dual Bay Mobile Rack SATA III Support HDD/SSD, SY-MRA25033

      2 ssds into 1 3.5" bay slot, exactly the type of thing I wanted, and don't have to get a new case. Thanks!


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        Be careful with caddys btw. If you intend to use hot-swapping, make sure the SATA controller of your PC has the feature supported. It's usually enterprise grade feature. Of course, you could buy some cheap SAS host bus adapter as well, which has no problems with hot-swapping. Like LSI 9211-8i (8i marks support of 8 drives), they are pretty darn cheap. SAS HBA have no problems supporting SATA drives. LSI is also supported by pretty much any OS. Worst limitation of it is support for only 512byte sector drives, which means up to 2TB drives.
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