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Xonar DX - Ubuntu Intrepid - Mixer chaos!

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  • Xonar DX - Ubuntu Intrepid - Mixer chaos!

    Hello people, I come here for help, because, you're the last stand

    Ubuntu is detecting the card perfectly, Xonar DX with the snd-virtuoso kernel module working, I have mixer, I have sound, using Intrepid Ibex downloaded yesterday from daily build.

    All seems to be working, but, as soon as I move the volumen on my keyboard, the mixer mutes all devices except front channels, every time I move the volumen pad on the keyboard (or on the mixer itself) all the other outputs (surround, center, LFE and side) goes to the botton and get stuck in 0 volumen, this is really annoying, I have to regulate all volumes separately and I cannot use the volume on the keyboard or else I got mutting in all channels except front.

    Also, when the volume is regulating, I get like a random movement of all sliders, they behave like crazy, this definetly seems like a bug related to not having any "master volume" on then panel.

    I had seen a couple of users on this forum that has this card, so, I just wanted to know if you guys are experimenting the same thing, right now, this thing is useless if I cannot regulate the volume.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Nobody ?

    With a Xonar trying Ubuntu Intrepid? Can't believe it..


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