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Intel 545s 512GB SSD Benchmark On Linux

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    I wanted to say that the push for the "next best thing" in consumer space became M.2 pretty fast, while the push for U.2 outside of servers died pretty quickly.
    I'll agree with that statement. No person that I know owns a U.2 drive in thier PC.

    The main issue is retrocompatibility and board design. M.2 for SSD is basically a PCIe x4 port, plain and simple, and it is also placed in the same space where you find PCIe ports on the mobo. U.2 is new stuff, large connector and is for storage only so they need to route PCIe lanes to the side of the board, and it's a pain in the ass already with Sata+USB 3.0
    Interisting, any references for this? If this was a major challenge I would not expect seeing more motherboards with U.2 than SSD with U.2 in the consumer market.

    I don't see how desire for storage capacity can increase in consumer products. Most people are fine with relatively slow bulk storage devices (Sata SSDs)
    Also lol at 10Gbit LAN. Good luck at making a home network at 10GBit, it's a feature that will see usage only in companies.
    This is probably due to the cultural and education differences in our geographical areas. Only recently (less than 1 year ago) did 10mbps+ internet become semi afforable in my country. Over here people typically try to do a lot with very little. Many people are still running thier own mirrors (linux/wsus/steam etc) and using NAS to distribute their data locally. In cities we have lots of WUGs (wireless user groups) some that had 1700+ active members and 11 000+ nodes. While internet is not as fast/availible/affordible most people here are defenitly not fine with lack of innovation for consumer products in disks and network over the past decade.

    Also, lack of SSDs with that port is still ongoing.
    From my original post: Motherboards manufactures have been trying to push U.2 for a while, but SSD manufacturers are not following suit

    PS: Price of internet is a variable across the world, however price of technology (computer compontents) are more or less static compared to difference in internet cost. Without acknowledging that I don't think your argements about what people want makes much sense to me. I know people that write their steam game backups to DVDs or drive over 50km/30miles just to download the latest updates from their friends. Now that's not the average person that does that, but it goes to show how bad things are if that is your best option.