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Toshiba XG3 NVMe SSD Linux Performance

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  • Toshiba XG3 NVMe SSD Linux Performance

    Phoronix: Toshiba XG3 NVMe SSD Linux Performance

    If you are looking for a low-cost NVMe M.2 SSD, the Toshiba XG3 is moderately priced and offers decent performance under Linux.

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    Hmm, I own OCZ RD400 (which is essentially re-branded XG3 drive, it even has XG3 in config profile name ) but it seems to be much faster even being installed into pcie gen2 slot (e.g. 980 vs 544 MB/s in sequential FIO test). I doubt that size difference (256 vs 128 GB) matters _that_ much, more likely vanilla XG3 is tuned for another kind of workloads.


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      Lower capacity SSDs are usually slower in write performance, because the flash controller writes to fewer flash chips simultaneously.

      Samsung 960 Evo for example gets around 300 MB/s for the 250 GB variant, but 1200 MB/s for the 1 TB variant (sustained write after SLC cache is full).


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        where to find a 64GB model? I just want my OS on there. and for an OS you dont need much write performance just read performance. Except for SWAP space if you use that, but who needs that when you have 32/64GB RAM.