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Windows Management Instrumentation Now A Formal Bus With Linux 4.13

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    Originally posted by phoronix
    Those wanting to learn more about WMI can see this MSDN Microsoft page as I am not too familiar with it myself up until now.
    It seems like WMI is quite wide topic. To describe the part the article refers to I think this link would more relevant


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      We have used WMI for years going back to Intel LANDesk. A Windows SA has been able to run remote command line queries against it for years. In fact when you run "System Information" in MS Office, its simply making a WMI call. The issue most CISO's run into is 3rd party monitoring applications that want elevated rights into the WMI stack, especially on MS SQL Servers. Anyone with change rights in WMI can really mess things up if not controlled properly.

      By integrating a WMI stack into Linux simply means that large enterprises have better visibility into a Linux OS platform using management tools that use WMI primarily. Many EM tools required special agents for Linux in the past, not any more.


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        This has nothing to do with the interface in Windows called WMI other than the name. WMI in Windows is for instrumentation. There are sometimes parts of ACPI which added certain instrumentation (it probably works in a similar way across vendors, inspired by how Microsoft was doing communication) and called that WMI. So this has nothing to do with scripting, etc. This is just that interface to talk to a device which is part of some ACPI implementations.