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    Originally posted by DanL View Post
    except for the open hardware part. There's no way that's happening on an x86 system.
    well, his description of open hardware describes open pcb, which is doable


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      Originally posted by Sonadow View Post
      I have no desire to fork out top dollar for a notebook utilizing the same commodity hardware as every single other notebook that is being sold on the market today.
      It’s all a matter of marketing—look at the sellers of bottled water.


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        Originally posted by M@GOid View Post

        Enterprise means ease of maintenance and robustness, not shiny, Apple-like-almost-impossible-to-fix machines. Also, be able to upgrade RAM and storage with available parts is a must, not a thing of the past, unless you like the idea of programed obsolescence. And there is a lot of things in a laptop that can go wrong and need to be replaced with new parts. Screen, keyboard, memory chips, storage, wifi, all of these can and will broke in a heavily used machine and you need to fix it. Apple computers are not immune to this at all.
        I agree with you, but still, the motherboard can be small. You open up a P-series Thinkpad and there's like 4 SATA 2.5" slots, 6 M.2 slots and 46 RAM slots.

        Modern (at least high-endish) computer shouldn't need any more than 2 RAM slots and 4-5 M.2 slots, depends on whether things such as WLAN and WWAN card are integrated onto the motherboard or not. A single cooling fan should be enough for 15W CPU + iGPU configurations and 2 fans should be enough for 45W CPU + dGPU configurations. Though still, retarded decisions to put max 80*C components and max 95*C components on the same heatsink, like Razer tends to do with ther computers, should be avoided.


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          Originally posted by Degra View Post

          If you're from somewhere close to Germany, there's also this German Linux PC/Laptop manufacturer:
          Shipping within the EU, so no import taxes.
          The online shop itself seems to be in German only, however you can configure the Laptops to a great extent, including which keyboard layout they use. German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Swedish keyboard layouts are all available.
          Checked their prices, their prices are a bit high, a powerful 17.3" gaming laptop is 2330 EUR the way I configured it, for the same price I can literally buy Asus ROG laptop with exactly the same hardware and better cooling system, they should be cheaper than famous brands, I like they have custom made laptops, but they cost less than Asus, Dell and other big names, and from what I heard their service is good, too bad UK will leave the EU so unless some tax related deal is made ordering from them wont be a good option anymore.


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            Originally posted by uid313 View Post
            Things I want:
            • Open source UEFI firmware
            • Support for coreboot.
            • Open hardware. Schemata, wiring diagrams and CAD drawings for the PCB and the chassis.
            • USB Type-C.
              • Charging over USB Type-C.

            Project I really really want to see:

            PC equiv of Team Win. coreboot + seabios + tianocore + nice and easy to use gui + nice installer