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Can Zotac Magnus EN1060 run Linux?

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  • Can Zotac Magnus EN1060 run Linux?


    I'm investigating for a new gaming PC with the following requirements:

    - small form factor
    - running Linux, with no OS pre-installed
    - with at least moderate gaming ability
    - silent - I've ended up discarding this one, too difficult/expensive to achieve. Replaced with "not too noisy"

    The new Kaby Lake Zotac EN1060 seems to be a perfect choice... but I still don't know if it can run Linux out of the box. I've found nothing on Zotac website, nor on the Internet. Is it really possible that no one tried running Linux on it?

    I believe the odds must be high, but I don't want to take any chance with a 1500€ purchase...
    Have you ever came across a review of this barebone from a Linux user?

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    Well I've just received an "answer" from Zotac:

    Linux is not officially supported.

    If linux drivers available for Skylake chipset, and Realtek lan and Intel wifi AC3165, than it is more likely possible to try.
    Further investigations gave the following results:

    * isn't it obvious that the Skylake and Kabylake chipset are supported?

    * linux drivers for Realtech lan RTL8111G seem to exist:

    * linux drivers for Intel wifi AC3165 seem to exist:

    Are there other possible liabilities I should be aware of, or is everything fine?