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Linux Soft RAID's MDADM 4.0 Utility Released

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  • Linux Soft RAID's MDADM 4.0 Utility Released

    Phoronix: Linux Soft RAID's MDADM 4.0 Utility Released

    Version 4.0 of mdadm is out, the tool for managing MD "Soft RAID" on Linux...

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    Arch Wiki has a great writeup on how to setup raid using MDADM it is seems pretty straight forward. Is there any performance/ease of use/brownie points about using say another type of soft raid like BTRFS vs MDADM? I have no experience with either.


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      I'd rather use zfsonlinux or Btrfs for software RAID (be careful with RAID 5 6 when using Btrfs though).


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        Mdadm been great for me at home and small servers for ten years or so. Haven't tried anything else. Just mirror.


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          Likewise mdadm has been great for me in RAID-5/6 scenarios for home servers. Of course it will take some of the CPU to deal with the calculations, instead of offloading to dedicated hardware, but being able to move from system to system without relying on specific controllers has definitely been nice. I never tried BTRFS or the likes though. Also looks nice, but I don't wanna change, just for the sake of changing