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Buffalo AirStation 54G Wireless Card -- Will it work?

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  • Buffalo AirStation 54G Wireless Card -- Will it work?

    I'm thinking of getting this from ebay

    Anyone know if the Buffalo cards work on linux? It seems they do from the auction, but I want to be sure!

    Has a Cantenna too! And I'm interested to see which linux distro it is!

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    According to the auction post it's compatible with Linux. It should be but I have never used a Buffalo AirStation 54G -- though at the very least you could always use ndiswrapper.

    Personally I am very fond of 802.11g cards using the Atheros Chipsets.
    Michael Larabel


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      Hi Micheal... thanks for the info. I have no idea about wifi for linux, its all new to me! I'm a reformed windows user!

      The ndiswrapper uses windows drivers in linux doesn't it? So that'd mean any windows card would work on linux?

      (um, I think I posted this in another thread, so thanks for moving it)


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        Ndiswrapper allows you to use the Windows driver on Linux. It should work with most WiFi cards though I don't know if it works with 100% of the cards on the market. If possible, you should try to stick to a card that has Linux drivers simply as it would be easier for you and generally would just be better off. Atheros works well with the MadWiFi driver and some Broadcom chips work alright with the drivers merged in the Linux 2.6.18 (or it may have been 2.6.17) and then using the bcm43xx cutter to extract the Windows firmware.
        Michael Larabel