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MediaTek Announces An Interesting Deca-Core ARM Dev Board

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    Originally posted by starshipeleven View Post
    It may or may not be out of your budget depending on how much stuff you have around, but have you considered a QC5000-ITX/PH mini itx fanless board from AMD?

    I can usually find it for around 80 euros, there is also a crappier version that comes off at 60 or so. There are plenty of small cases +PSU for cheap, and even if you add some ram and a tiny cheap SSD drive to that you're likely to stay lower than the Shield while still blowing it away.

    That's what I usually tell to people looking for a good mediacenter for relatively high-end usage (bluray). Being an HTPC it's also easy to repurpose.

    Other than that I can only nudge you to look for Minix Android mediacenters, they are currently the best around in PR department and do provide firmware updates for an unbelievably long time to fix all the fixable (up to 2 years!!!! Great!!! Amazing!!! Outstanding!!!), and their own custom and integrated Kodi, so they get reviewed (to the contrary of most other players). They don't have 3+ GB of ram but for Android 2GB is usually more than enough.
    Thus specimen for example, is on Amazon at 130$ bundled with an airmouse/keyboard:
    Thanks for those links, I'll look into them. They both look really good, almost ideal. Well, ideal would be $0.05, shipping included, but you know what I mean.

    I appreciate you taking the time to answer my question and taking the time again to do battle with the bizarre unapproved post system here.


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      Originally posted by kiputnik View Post

      Huh? Of course there is Linux support. What else would they run on it? Windows?
      Android, like every other board (except Pi).


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        Originally posted by droidhacker View Post

        If there was a good USB3 on it, then the ethernet problem could be easily solved with a USB network adapter. As it stands though, USB2 will suck for ethernet.

        As far as the "no linux support", ALL of the other 96boards compliant products DO support conventional desktop linux, and that is currently on THREE different SoC's;

        Actions s900 w/PowerVR G6230 (it isn't clear whether it has working GL under debian),
        HiSilicon Kirin 6220 w/ARM Mali 450-MP4,
        Snapdragon 410 w/Adreno 306 (DEFINITELY working GL under debian -- uses Freedreno).

        If the manufacturer of this is working with 96boards (and not just using the spec, which is fine too), then you CAN anticipate debian on it.
        Yes, those are actually good boards.
        I just kinda counted them out due to lack of Ethernet, which is a deal breaker for me.
        If you dont care about Ethernet, then i recommend them.


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          Originally posted by droidhacker View Post
          did you skip class with proof definition?


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            Android? For IoT? Oh, lol, MediaTek is better off to learn pigs to fly. Seriously, Android is all about content consumption and really sucks for anything else. How the hell it fits IoT?