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Slim Case, 4x2.5" Drives, And Room For 70mm Heatsink

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  • Slim Case, 4x2.5" Drives, And Room For 70mm Heatsink

    I currently have a Rosewill Legacy V6-S case and I want to downsize my case. I have the following requirements that I want to meet:
    • No room to fit an ATX/SFX PSU. I have an ASRock AM1H-ITX motherboard with DC-IN connector. I like using a power brick for powering my system.
    • Four 2.5" drive bays. I don't care for 3.5" hard drives as I like to keep it small as a mini-NAS server.
    • Must allow room for a 70mm passive heatsink, such as an Artic Alpine M1 Passive Heatsink.
    • And probably lots of ventilation holes for heat to escape.

    I have an AMD Athlon 5350 APU and it is underpowered, but still nice for my needs. It has never overheated and never shut down in my Rosewill Legacy V6 case. This case does have a place to put an ATX PSU, but I don't use it. I also do not use a 140mm fan that is installed in my case, so that to me is equivalent to a 1,500 square feet house.

    The Mini-Box M350 is a very nice case, but it only houses 2 2.5" drives and I wanted four, plus my fanless heatsink is too tall in that case; it's equivalent to a 150 square feet tiny house. Anyone watching Tiny House Hunters on HGTV, Tiny House Hunting, and/or Tiny House Nation should know what I'm talking about.

    A Streacom FC8 is another great case. Looking at the specs in Newegg, it looks like I can fit up to four 2.5" drives. This is perfect for me except that I don't want an optical drive bay in the front. Plus, there's a small hole in the back of the case should a motherboard do not come with a DC-IN connector and I would use a PicoPSU for that raason why I don't want to fit an SFX PSU in a case. The downside is I will have to take out my M1 passive heatsink as it already has a heatsink with heatpipes. And FC8 costs $190 in Newegg just for the heatsink alone. It's a perfectly-sized case and I would compare that to a 500 square feet house with plenty of room, but I am wondering if there are any similar cases that would fit within my requirements.

    So then, my question is, are there any cases that are similar to FC8? I suppose I could add a small fan, but I want to keep it near-silent if I can. Besides, I like silence.