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    Hello All,

    I'm going to assemble a computer on which I will install a Linux distro. I've read widely on the internet about this but am still concerned about compatibility. You see, many people think that compatibility equates to having to compile something or other and dowloading the latest bios to get the system working.

    That sort of thing would be beyond me. I don't know what 'compiling' means and can't figure out how to download something if one hasn't got the system working to start with. These are just examples: there are other things as well.

    So what I'd like is for some kind person to give me a list of components that would make up a system, either Intel or AMD, that would present the best Linux compatibility available. I don't want to overclock or play games, so don't need cutting edge stuff, but don't want to be relegated to socket 754, for example. I have some pride, you know...

    Seriously, I would appreciate some help here.

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    What Distribution are you considering to install on your box? Cutting-edge stuff, or rather "tried and true (and somewhat stale )" software?


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      I don't have some specific hardware for you right now, but thought I'd say that if you aren't going to be overclocking or playing games then the only possible problem you may have is related to wireless drivers. I can't imagine you would have many problems doing day-to-day activities on almost any computer... the problem shows itself for the most part when you want 3D games or other specific applications. Are there any specific applications you will definitely want to use (other than Firefox or Open Office)?


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        Hi both,

        I've no particular preference re distros. I was using Kanotix quite happily, as one of the very few distros that will cope with my ancient hardware, but had to switch when I bought a Belkin wireless keyboard and mouse. When Kanotix boots up, it does so in German unless you opt for English - but the distro doesn't respond to the keyboard!

        So I'm back using an old version of Mepis. This, too, doesn't recognise the keyboard and mouse until the boot-up process is complete, but at least this is in English. But even with Mepis I have to turn my monitor off and on before I get a display.

        Anyway, that's sort of irrelevant, ain't it? I surf the internet, write letters, keep a small database and try to use Scribus. My wife would like to get into digital photography with her own notebook pc. And we would both like to be on Broadband.

        So I think what I'm asking is for reasonably priced components that will cope with pretty basic stuff. No problem using Windows but I read tales of Sata hdd's being incompatible, etc, etc, and don't know where to start.

        I tell you what is beyond my understanding. Lan, Ethernet and Gigabyte lan. Which of these would I need on the motherboard to connect to the net? Do they each have their own socket on the back of the computer? We would like to switch to Broadband from dial-up when we are set up with the two new computers.

        Thanks for your replies