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See How Your BSD/Linux PC Compares To 36 Other Systems

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  • See How Your BSD/Linux PC Compares To 36 Other Systems

    Phoronix: See How Your BSD/Linux PC Compares To 36 Other Systems

    If you happened to receive some new computer hardware this Christmas or are weighing a possible upgrade with Skylake PCs becoming more common and AMD Zen coming out next year, you might as well benchmark your system against our vast collection of other systems to see how the performance stacks up...

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    My PC with GTX 960 4GB and AMD A8-7600 APU (re-used but not using integrated GPU) consumed about 180W max. I did not buy a new CPU and motherboard, so my GTX 960 4gB from Gigabyte is an upgrade from Radeon GPU.

    I could have kept my Seasonic SS-300ET, but I went for Silverstone 450W SFX 80+ Bronze PSU so I can have extra headroom.

    I also got a Thermaltake Core V21 computer case. My computer is quiet, but not completely silent. I've added a Fractal Design Venturi 120mm fan. Too bad I can't replace screws for 200mm Thermaltake fan with push pins. I plan to get a new 200mm fan, though.


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      Benching my dog now... Been reading this site for years, never used the benchmark software.
      BTW I'm wondering how much a LXC container running a emerge @world will effect my scores.... hehehehe
      I thought it was something light, wish I had started this thing in a screen.

      Tried to upload an htop screenshot, but I'm not allowed, nothing like pegging 24 cores @ 2.5 Ghz .....
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        A little late to the party. I am the user who uploaded 3 test not understanding how the test suite works, but whatever. I did not expect it to upload everything, just the last/current test. My system is a Dell Precision T7500 with 2 x Xeon X5690 stock speeds, 48GB of RAM (DDR3-1333 ECC FBDIMM), a GTX 780 stock, running Gentoo amd64. It still feels strange not listing a motherboard/case/what-have-you, have only had this system for a few weeks now. I plan on upgrading the ram to 192GB once I find a kit for a decent price.
        EDIT: It seems I failed to understand how this works even more then I thought, but I should have this software understood well enough now, link now that the results are uploaded where they should be:
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          Here's my FX-8320E running at 4.4 GHz on a rather cheap motherboard:

          I hope this goes to prove that even modest overclocking is worth the trouble (disregard the sqlite benchmark, the storage is probably the bottleneck there).